Wedding Costs: 30 Ideas to Save on the Budget

Create a beautiful ceremony and not spend much, it is not an impossible mission! To save we have collected 30 easy tips and cut excessive spending will be a breeze, from flowers to lunch, from music to date.

Arrange a cheap wedding is not very complicated, but you need a firm hand and determination. When you are one step away from the altar is very easy to get lost in trivial details, extremely charming and at the same time by the exorbitant costs. It is important, however, to establish a budget and not sforarlo. How to do it? Is easy following our 30 tips to save money.

  1. Cut the guest list. Is definitely the issue more complicated and you have to be careful not to create any diplomatic. Prevents relatives of relatives, friends you see once a year and formal invitations (colleagues and clients that you care about).
  2. Setting the date out of season.Everyone wants to marry from May to September. If you want to save (up to 50%) just choose one month out from the traditional calendar.
  3. Celebrates the Rite and the reception in the same place. Is a bit more complicated, but if you find the Church or the place of celebration inside the building which will host lunch or dinner, you can cut the cost of the double decoration.
  4. Don’t get married over the weekend,especially on Saturday, but do it during the week.
  5. Make sure that the restaurant has large tables. You’ll save on number of centerpieces, but also on the tablecloths, chair covers, placeholders, etc.
  6. Buy stationery to embellish the preparation out of season and never tell the dealer you are for the wedding.For example, hearts, ribbons and pink vases, after Valentine’s day, don’t cost anything.
  7. Create decorations with lots of greenery and a few flowers.
  8. Avoid flowers too pricey. Can be made of beautiful compositions even with daisies, no need to choose orchids.
  9. Do compositions that have at most a couple of varieties of flowers.There are more discounts on purchases of large numbers.
  10. Choose the seasonal flowers and possibly locally.
  11. Try to make Christmas ornaments with floral elements. Balloons, vases with floating candles or lanterns are very scenic, inexpensive.
  12. Serve a double Starter, also substantial. Focus on food cheap but filling is a great way to satisfy your guests.
  13. Skip the main course.You do not need to make a long menu served at the table. You may safely make a first or a second and then dessert. If the dishes are well decorated, nobody will notice.
  14. Avoid expensive wines and offer beer and soft drinks.
  15. It can be fun to do a low profile marriage and young.How so? Organizing a good barbecue.
  16. Toast with prosecco and avoids the champagne. Italian spumante is excellent and it costs less.
  17. Do you realize a small cake scene to make the cut in front of guests and a gentle rise, hidden in the kitchen, you can serve it to friends already cut.
  18. Decorate the cake with fresh flowers and avoids the topper in marzipan or sugarpaste.
  19. Reuses flowers for the ceremony, to set up the table. How? Hires trusted friend to make this little transfer, while the guests they pull the rice out of the Church.
  20. Avoid exotic fruits and tip on that local and seasonal produce. Is not only an economic reason but also of taste: not everyone likes.
  21. Make a single call withparticipation. Cut this way shipping costs, but also by the press.
  22. To save money and do something really original, you can also study of the e-card as participation, by sending obviously zero costs by email.
  23. Has a bag of confetti for a couple or family.
  24. The small gift should be allocated only to the most intimate guests or witnesses.
  25. Manufactures handmade bags of confetti.There are shops who sell the entire kit equipped for do-it-yourselfers.
  26. Creates the booklets of the mass: the covers can be made of cotton paper and the inside pages printed A4 comfortably at home.
  27. Get achieve a single bouquet. In recent years the brides make make two: one to launch and one to keep, but it really isn’t necessary.
  28. The photographers they cost very dear: ask a friend with the hobby of ‘ making it ‘ the book’s picture of the wedding. Could be his wedding gift.
  29. Choose music for a small group newcomer.
  30. For the ceremony, if the musicians of the reception are not available, you can also use a simple organist.


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