6 Best Wedding Crafts

If you are looking for some ideas for crafts for weddings that want to give your guests as a souvenir or just want to surprise them with original decor, this is the perfect item for you.

1. Glass Candle Holders

This craft is very simple and will give a romantic touch to your wedding. Tie a ribbon of silver to a small bowl, preferably glass, add some glue to adhere better. Place small candles in the container and use them when receiving guests. After the wedding, they can take them home. In short, this craft is a beautiful memory for weddings.

2. Labels Cups

This idea is one of the details for weddings that are sure to leave your guests pleasantly surprised because in addition to what place their part to sit, they can identify their glasses. All through these fun crafts that mark the tops with the name of each guest.First you cut a circle of cardboard the size of the base of the cup.Then ask a small cut to enter and finally, prepare a small poster with the name of each of your guests.

3. Bottle Caps

They are an unusual objects as souvenirs for wedding, but that does not mean that guests enjoy not receive a souvenir like this, which is very fine. It is ideal for a wedding for their usefulness and elegance memory. You can do this by decorating the corks of the bottles by placing figures above, or buying bottle caps that are made ​​of glass or metal, and decorate them with oil paint.

4. Cone Almendrero or Arrocero

Among the crafts for a wedding, this turns out to be one of the most original and curious. You have to cut circles of cardboard, make a small cone and paste; then you must put in crepe paper, which is then pasted as a wrapper. The last step is to fill the cone almond, rice or rose petals and deliver it to the guests. It’s very simple to make and look beautiful!

5. Boxes for memories

It is small and simple wedding souvenirs in the form of boxes that can contain sweets, almonds, cookies, nuts, among others.The secret is to choose bright colors for boxes and bows for them, because the more variety of colors will be most striking crafts. It is important you gather the boxes on a table, the visual effect is spectacular.

6. Tree caramels

It is one of the fun crafts, inexpensive and easy to do. You can use a variety of shapes, colors and candy to create a fantasy environment at your wedding. Looking at craft stores base foam and cover them with travelationary. Sweets with wrappers can be glued to the base with hot glue; however, candies with sticks to hold, such as pallets, are much easier to add to the array.

Make crafts to decorate your wedding or give as souvenirs is a very simple and inexpensive way to thank your guests for attending also custom memories are much better received.

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