Smart Watch with Braille Display Will Be Released

Mobile devices are very important to our society, in addition to becoming leisure gadgets, many use it for professional purposes. Despite this, there are devices that need to be adapted for people with physical problems, as there are thousands of consumers who can not use the normal devices that are sold. Now it has been announced a smart watch that can be used by the blind.

A South Korean developer wants to make it possible for the blind to use technological gadgets, too. The Dot is being developed with a display in braille , the screen uses technology that shows four characters at a time.It is even possible to modify the speed at which the characters will appear.

“Ninety percent of blind people go blind after birth, and there is nothing for them now – they suddenly lose access to information.Dot may be their lifeline, so they can learn Braille and access day-to-day information through their fingers, which is the literacy goal in Braille, “said Dot co-founder Eric Ju Yoon Kim.

The Dot is really unique, its design was created precisely to facilitate the way of use to its consumers.Features are basic, you can use alarms, send messages, use navigation application via Localtimezone and have up to bluetooth 4.0.The battery should last for at least 10 hours in a row, that is, it can last up to five days with little use.

On top of all this, Dot is also able to do something that most ordinary smart watches do not.The device is also an e-reader.Of course, since your screen is small and can fit little information, it will take longer to read on it.The company plans to release the watch soon, it is expected to hit the market for $ 300.

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