Seiko Watches for Men

Among the most important companies producing watches of Japan, Seiko was founded in 1881, the first Japanese company watchmaking, for Kintaro Hattori hand. Over the years, Seiko has racked up achievements and established important milestones, such as the construction of the first quartz watch in the world, in 1969, the production of the first watch TV, in 1982 and the recent watches GPS, allowing it to enter the Olympus of LED watchmaking companies (i.e., preceded only by Casio.

The Seiko watches are famous and much used by both the male from the female sphere thanks to excellent quality and at high precision, which are improving year on year.

Seiko Watches: Among the Best in the World

Specialized in manufacturing men’s watches, the company also offers some female models, more delicate and with an original design and appealing. The straps are presented both in steel and leather, but can also be replaced with special bracelets fabric, that add a sporty touch without affecting the clock class.

The metal mesh straps are made of stainless steel, polished. Very beautiful models with black steel mesh. The strap models in fabric are particularly soft on the skin, comfortable to wear. Its colors are available, black, leather, blue or green, are quite beautiful and original. Typical Seiko Sport models, finally, the rubber straps, which mainly characterize the Sportura lines and Prospex. The bracelets come with a safety lock.

The dial is always made ​​with the utmost care and is accurate to the millimeter. They are all analog and some of these, always referring to sports lines, are included of chronograph. There are particularly useful fluorescent elements of some models that allow excellent viewing even in low light conditions.

The colors range from black and white classics, the more vibrant colors such as blue, red, orange and green of the most unusual watches. Almost all the dials are round. The exception is a model of the line Solar, with rectangular dial.

The hands, usually in a contrasting color with respect to the bottom of the dial, are well polished and have shapes that vary according to the line. Some models are equipped with date display.

Chronographs, extremely precise, they are controlled by special screw crowns. They are mainly present in watches Neo Sport lines and Sportura.

The glasses are both hardened mineral crystal that do not reflect never too sunlight and are resistant. Particularly cared even the glasses that cover the piss.

The collars, rotary and unidirectional, turn out to have a good alignment with the dial. The colors are probably the touch of originality that makes it stand out the Seiko watches over everyone else. It goes from a classic black with blue white elements particularly vivid, as in the Velatura line. Worthy of particular note are finally some models of men’s watches, decidedly modern twist and sporty, with a black ring for three quarters and one quarter contrasting colored, red or blue.

The boxes are usually very large, and have a consistent weight. The women’s, in contrast, are much smaller and elusive. The weight is not, however, never excessive, and scarcely noticeable to have a wrist watch of such importance. In some models the bottom is transparent, made, as mentioned, with great care and quality materials, and let’s move on sight.

Kinetic: An Exclusive Movement Seiko

The real highlight of the men’s Seiko watches are however models with the exclusive patented by the movement. It is a particular movement, called Kinetic, similar to that of other automatic watches. The particularity lies in the fact that, with the oscillating movements of the arm, is loaded, by means of a generator, a storage battery.

Thanks to this system the clock may stay in operation, for single battery charge, even for a few days. A very interesting system that is not located outside of Seiko.

The excellent diver, from stainless steel made ​​with steel bracelet or rubber, which can withstand up to a depth of 200 meters.

Trademark of the company is certainly the high accuracy of the clocks, in particular of quartz models, which even exceeds that of brands  well suggestions. Prices have fluctuated greatly. You go from models sold a few dozen euro up to watch the value of several thousand Euros.

Suitable for All Watches

It is undoubtedly of particular watches, dedicated a little to the whole male world. If the more expensive models, some of which are produced only on demand, are exclusive of the most passionate, the most cost collectors are directed to the most diverse classes of men.

Mainly, however, the Seiko watches are designed for men with style and elegant, and a part of models should be combined with a suit and tie.

Another large part of the watches belong to collections dedicated to sportswear. The precision chronographs, the chance to see the time even in the dark, the high strength, the features of the watches “water resistant” and modern design, alternative and almost witty make these collections suitable for men who love sport and dell adventure.

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