Post Middle Sponsored: I Won a Watch Pretty Cool

I confess, I’m one of those people who see the time on your phone.Even if the watch on his wrist and the phone is in the bag, I open the bag, stick your hand (with the clock on his wrist) inside and a ball hog until you find the phone and finally be able to tell time. I know, it’s crazy, but that’s how my brain works, what can I do?

That said, in spite of little practical use in my day to day, I think watch a gorgeous accessory and have enjoyed increasingly use.

The thing is usually a clock thing expensive (especially those with a more elegant face, more grown-up, less “-arm-of-Mickey-serving-of-pointer”). So, although I think super chic to wear, I ended up not really in the mood to invest.

In these, I was waaaay happy when I received an email from a brand called Cluse. According to Google, the Cluse rocked in Europe in recent years, but, as I had never heard of them (I know, I’m a blogger too sloppy), you may not have heard, too.

Well, the folks at Cluse sent me e-mail because they’re taking the brand pro Brazil (coming soon) and wanted to send me one so I can meet.

You know that I don’t usually get a lot of stuff here at home. Unlike most bloggers that makes even video showing the “received from” month, if I were to do something like this was going to have to call “incoming month vignette” or “received from the last three months”.But every once in a while, a brand resolves that “it’s worth sending a little gift that girl who lives there in California, right?”.

That’s what the Cluse did. And a week later I got this little thing here in the mail.

(P.S. I did not win any din din to write this post, but, as I won the watch, I figured it was worth a report over at the post title was “middle” sponsored.)

First, attention to this charming leather Cape that guards the clock.Second, look at this watch that thing more adult-elegant-charming-rikaaaaaa-all-the-life! OK, you proved your Cluse, value.

But then the story gets even more fun. Let’s look at my little present with calm. You see this red popups there on bracelet, there close to my nail red (I painted today)?

Because it works just like that thing of holding toilet paper in the little hole in the wall, that you pull into the Red popups to fit the stuff on the wall and then release the Red popups and it gets stuck there (so you understand what I’m talking about? I know It was very rough this explanation).

Well, back to watch. Simply pull the Red popups and it loosens up the bracelet.

Wise guy, huh?

There you go, another bracelet and vane fits her there.

Ready! New watch!

The truth is that I always thought those watches trading bracelet Middle coarse (because the fittings of the bracelets were super ugly). So I found this solution so cool, because she is simply unnoticeable when you got the watch on his wrist.

I loved the two colors that Cluse sent me, because they are basic and super match everything. But the cool thing is that their website offers a plethora of bracelet colors. What’s cool about all this? Instead of buying several watches, I can buy one and invest in two or three bracelets to get vary well and do a lot of different combinations with colors that match your style more.

Well, I’m sorry the giant post, guys. But I really enjoyed this (put never win anything, let me be happy, will) and I’m using every day and stretching me on people just to show my watch.

The summary is that I found the cool brand, the beautiful and the proposal of a minimalist design and classic that combines with all pretty cool.

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