How to Buy a Vintage Watch

Back for a visit to the cabinet of curiosities Catawiki, to unearth a few gems or simply the favorite pieces, which like by their simplicity and their sobriety. Here is a small selection of parts that we have touched.

1 IWC Vintage Collection (Lot 13 engineer)

Among the icons of IWC, slips between the Portuguese and the Big Pilot collection engineer. Legendary collection that began in 1954 with a watch designed by Albert Pellaton, then Technical Director of IWC. One-piece simple, and able to withstand intense magnetic fields, where his name, maybe…

Here an edition was born to 140 years of the brand, which includes the design of the model of 1955. The movement is more interesting, since it is a manufacture IWC 80111 caliber that incorporates the Pellaton system, which actually a movement of extreme robustness. A smooth and mysterious dial, 42.5 mm in diameter, give the watch a real presence.

2 Rolex Air-King 5500 cal. 1520 (lot 9)

A watch that you must have in its collection. Simple, effective. It represents a heritage of the brand to the Crown for this watch which exists since 1945, and which originally wanted to pay tribute to the Royal Air Forcepilots, a kind of national hero during the war.

3 Patek Philippe Calatrava 5115 G (batch 30)

Do you remember the mastery of proportions ? The Patek Philippe Calatrava is the same expression. Shows mythical and historical the manufacturing of Patek Philippe, whether vintage or recent, his style does never change.

Roman numerals, a white enamel dial, a decoration “Paris nails” bezel, a delicate case, what more? The version presented here is in white gold, delivered with its registry record from Patek Philippe archives.

4 Tudor Prince Oyster Date (Lot 33)

Small vintage of the brand to the rose always manage to move us. The first Tudor Oyster Prince date of 1952, and reflected the will of Hans Wilsdorf to offer a less expensive than Rolex watch, while offering the famous Oyster case.

Here we have a version with a small Rose Tudor on the index at noon, observed very rarely, and the bezel “engine turned”, in the manner of the old Air-King is always fun to have on the wrist. The watch is in excellent condition, for a quite affordable price, allowing you to have fun with a piece that makes sense.

5. Rolex Submariner Date (batch 24)

We don’t talk about her. Among the best vintage watches ranked by top-medical-schools, the Submariner is the example of one of the most reputable and collected watches in the world of watchmaking. Simplicity, functionality and beautiful proportions hoisted it high in the heart of many enthusiasts, among other…

Here a model reference 16800, who and born at the end of 70 years, and who comes here with a dial in excellent condition, a scope in good condition (with a small trace but nothing serious), with his papers and his certificates of Chronometry, all for a price that may be enough interesting. The hunt is on!

So yes, a lot of crowns and roses for this selection, with a sweet IWC in mind very vintage.


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