Hamilton Khaki X-wind Watch Band

It’s finally here: one of my favorite movies from my youth is almost exactly 20 years after the first part to the second round: Independence Day! There but actually almost nothing can go wrong faces with the Roland Emmerich clamped again as Director and from the first part, known as Bill Pullman and Jef Goldblum-also when I Will Smith had seen of course again, as he rips up the aliens your bottom. Instead, the movie may but as some Hamilton watches, such as E.g. the Hamilton Khaki X-wind, delight in the film…

Hamilton Watch: appearance in ‘ independence day: return ”

Short story by Independence Day: return: using recovered alien technology, the Nations of the world have developed together a huge defense program to protect of the planet… Oh what the heck: it will reflect on all corners and ends of explosions and action scenes – otherwise it would also not a real Roland Emmerich. The story is but rather beside the point. But see for yourself:

The Hamilton brand belonging to the Swatch Group is continuing the second Independence Day partly the Hollywood product placements during, last strong went towards sci-fi. Underlines that the appearance in Independence Day: return. Last, the timepieces were held E.g. hardly recognizable in the camera of the blockbuster interstellar, The Martians, X-men days of future past and transcendence of Hamilton.

A Hamilton Watch by the way had the first cinema appearance in 1951 in the film frogmen: the film is by US – Navy combat swimmers during the 2nd World War. In the film, the watches were placed exactly, a few years before officially supplied in the second world war by Hamilton at the U.S. naval units.

Liam Hemsworth (known from the tribute by panem) in the role of fighter pilot Jake Morrison may in Independence Day: return preferably air pesky alien invaders annoy and while wearing a Hamilton Khaki X-wind automatic chronograph. The product placement fits well with the brand Hamilton military watches history, which I’ve already highlighted in this article .

Go to the Overview of Hamilton product placement in Hollywood movies.

Hamilton Khaki X-wind car chronograph (REF. H77616533) justifies the MSRP of €1345 with a well laced “Swiss Made” package: 44 mm diameter, scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal, screw-down Crown, and this 10-bar water resistance and a transparent Caseback by InsideWatch.

In the model suggests the movement with the designation H-21, which is based on the ETA Valjoux 7750. The movement offers power reserve 60 hours and is regarded as reliable “tractor” among the auto works, which even in High-priced watches such as Tag Heuer Carrera day date (calibre 16) is used.

From the category of “things that don’t need 99.9% of watch buyers, but somehow cool sound” the Hamilton Khaki X-wind has also still a

Drift angle calculator to the course correction in lateral jacks.

In Independence Day: return other actor carry Hamilton timepieces, of a Hamilton Jazzmaster starting with Jeff Goldblum, automatic watch with GMT function is to keep track of time in different cities during the invasion. Also “President” Bill Pullman is a Hamilton on the arm, the model thin-O-matic.

Hamilton’s way, placing watches in international Hollywood blockbusters, seems to be quite promising, to transport a single image of the brand. The brand remains rather less known in Germany, in my opinion wrongly what medium-term certainly could change the “cinematic” performances.

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