Wedding in the Style of the 1950s Years

Wedding, reception, coffee & cake, banquet, party. As far as Combinatorial of a wedding like him probably celebrate the most of you.

There are however more and more brides and grooms, who opt for a completely unconventional wedding. I have shown in the past few weeks you two examples of this: for example the destination wedding, the I you the example of the India wedding a Munich couple had presented. Other couples want to enjoy the Yes moment quite intimate and opt for an elopement in this Alpine wedding high above the Tegernsee. Very down to Earth and in the circles of many guests, however, celebrated the pair that I’d like to show you today. This time there was no classical trace. For a touch of 1950s, the highly valued by me, the photographer Elena Moro has captured (which incidentally I a still-secret project for you at the start, that I can finally more betray you in a few days). My personal highlight: The couple photos – simple sugars!

A Wedding-Two Days

Instead of after the wedding ceremony in May of this year directly the great Sause to join, split the couple wedding and celebration just over two days – which of course does not mean that dispensed with the two on her wedding outfit or an own motto. On the contrary, In the registry office, the bride wore a simple dress, while she picked up the actual wedding dress-a sweet lace dress with lachsfarbenem slips by kiss the bride-for the celebration. Her husband combined to a blue striped suit with a salmon color bow tie.

Wedding Party With Direct Access To The Lake

A few days after the wedding ceremony in a small circle of the two Munich celebrated their love with dozens of friends and relatives in the Chiemgau Court. Why she moved from Munich there? “Even before I ever had a marriage proposal, I occupied myself with the wedding theme and possible location, dress, decoration and ideas”, tells the bride. Stand firm: if she would marry once, then the party in the courtyard of the Chiemgau would rise, she had discovered two years earlier by chance. While most other couples (me and my husband by the way included) about it for weeks, oh what, for months with the wedding plans spend, these two were just relaxed hacking behind the individual item – the bride had already an idea of and could propose directly her fiancé, how the wedding could expire.

In addition to the outfit in the style of the fifties was the summery ease of the Triassic Bavaria, France and Italy at the heart of the wedding party. Because the bride is home to two half French, her husband italophil and Munich.

And so: curtain on to celebrate a wedding for a dazzling display of inspiration-and thus the third type of unconventional destiation wedding and elopement,: divided into two days, free of the morning anxiety, which falls over almost every couple before the wedding ceremony, with best celebratory mood of Mediterranean exuberance.

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