Vintage Finger Nails of Spfw

This Saturday (June 18) ended the 15th edition of SPFW, and of course we were there as we showed in the last posts. In the lounges of the great brands and media were also just news. I was in the Glamurama space on Friday (June 18),  where supermodel people paraded their models in a very vintage environment (with a sensational mobile and decoration that I want for my house). There were two Risqué instructors who glazed the nails of the visitors with the novelties of the Isabeli Fontana line.

In addition to getting my fingernails in order with the Azulcrination, I took some precious tips from Rose Barboza. The instructor said that nothing better to assist in the removal of enamel than drying oil. “Pass a layer of drying oil on each nail and then soak the cotton with acetone.” Although there are drying sprays, the cost benefit of the oil is much higher. According to Rose, the effect of the oil is the same and costs much cheaper.

Another tip was in relation to the new Risqué colors. Isabeli Fontana’s new metallic enamels can be very open with two layers. Here at Stylishtacoma you can get more different models and styles. Thus, Rose indicates passing a hand of black and then the Azulcrination or Psycho (the passionate purple). I passed and did not have anyone who did not compliment.

For those who enjoyed the tips, Rose attends at Visual Cabeleiros, Vila Arriete (11 2367-1714) or at home care ( It is the friendliness in detail and duper.

Ah, in the lounge, whoever passed by the woman’s moment, she got a kit.

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