Robot Toy Reviews

Forward March!

Advances in technology and miniaturization are not reserved for adults. Children also have right to control their robots or their drones! Selection…

Robots make a comeback in the rays, with improved covers of hits from the previous years or real novelties. If some are still remote, they are increasingly controlled by tablets and smartphones or gestures.

These toys are transgenerational. Better offer them still to big enough children for small parts and electronic components don’t like the falls or too clumsy manipulations. As these toys are quite expensive (between 50 and €150). They are part of the toys with the growth of the market.
Zoom Spin Master 2.0

Equipped with sensors, zoom 2.0 is a robot puppy that meets sixty orders – which is two times more than the first Zoomer launched in 2013. It includes the English, the french and Spanish, and reacts to sounds and gestures. Zoom is the black Dalmatian version, Zoomie is a dark pink Dalmatian. IOS or Android app is offered by Spin Master to find the operating manual and the list of orders that includes the robot dog. Please note that the toy is preloaded, story that the child can play a few minutes at the beginning of the package.

  • Very realistic, interactive and almost endearing!
  • Reacts to voices and gestures
  • Recharges in USB

Weak points

  • No remote control

Our view

Zoom 2 charm soon everyone at home. Upon his arrival, he was a little tout-fou: load the child to educate him by playing with him.More he plays with, and more zoom recognizes orders as “follow me” or “dance boogie-woogie”. It comes with an adoption certificate and a training guide, which allows to spend long time to teach him tricks. Interactions are many and zoom has low risk of complete decoration on a shelf. Attention to buy 2 zoom, better than the first version, still on sale on the Internet.

Recommended age 5

WowWee/Silverlit MIP

MIP is a small 20 cm robot that moves on a wheel to balance system. You can control it by hand, to move forward, backward, or turn. It can also move independently, avoiding obstacles and even dancing. Finally, it may be led by a (iOS and Android) app for more precise movement, programmed different movements by synchronizing them with the music stored in the tablet or smartphone… It works with 4 AAA batteries, not included.

  • A look that is very endearing.
  • Travel fast and responsive.
  • The possibility to program up to 50 movements with small games.

Weak points

  • It is not easy to direct it to the hand.
  • Watch your speed, keep control.
  • He needs help to get up if you fall.
  • The arms are not motorized.
  • Batteries so that we would have hoped a battery…

Zoom Spin Master Dino

The Spin Master Dino Zoomer is an articulated dinosaur and radio control. Equipped with optical sensors on its nose and back, it reacts to movements. If for example, you wave your hand in front of him, he wags his tail. The dinosaur growls, bites and ‘speak ‘.Zoom Dino detects children and play with them, he moves on two wheels and knows to avoid obstacles. The animal reacts if you shake her head, or if you shoot the tail, he then gets angry and his eyes turn red. The color of its eyes indicates his mood or his command mode, as it heads, choice, with a small joystick or with the hands. It charges via a USB cable. Expect a range of 20 to 30 minutes of play (recharging takes about 45 minutes). The remote control requires 3 AAA batteries not supplied. Dino comes preloaded in order to play with him a few minutes right out of the box.

Strong points

  • He knows get up and get out of difficult situations alone.
  • He advances on all surfaces, except the carpet with very long hair.
  • The Spin Master customer Service is easy to reach when needed.

Weak points

  • The manual controls are sometimes unclear.
  • No standby automatic, even inactive, it discharges if he stays in position ONE.

Our view

The Spin Master Dino Zoomer is a toy of good quality, fast and fluid. He moves easily on its two wheels and without making too much noise in your living room. The little dinosaur is fun and easy to use. The animal is quite unpredictable and bit docile; normal for a dinosaur! Children love so much watching him mess up the living room playing with him. It is above all a fun radio controlled toy for children up to 8-10 years. beyond they have quickly made the turn.

Recommended age 5.

Robosapien from WowWee/Silverlit X

The first version of the Robosapien was released in 2004, but this new edition now runs with a tablet or a smartphone with a supplied dongle (iOS and Android). It moves, stretches, can pick up an object a little high, dancing, make a few gestures of martial arts… and incidentally belch and blow – well Yes… It has 67 functions and 84 programmed movements. It is possible to program a sequence of several movements. BTE works with 3 batteries AAA for the remote control and 4 D batteries for the robot, not provided.

Strong points

  • The opportunity to learn programming by linking movements.
  • His arms with claws to catch objects.
  • Its look and its large size which can be used also as a decorative object.

Weak points

  • The complexity of the remote control with the controls red, green, and orange.
  • The number of batteries!
  • Moving a bit too slow.

Our view

It’s a beautiful robot, but you get tired eventually watch it dance or move fast enough. Pity that it is not with more number of sensors in order to give real missions, like to watch his room. Please a lot younger with its look of superheroes, but the complexity of the remote control and the fragility of certain fasteners him reserve similarly to older children, who may find it a bit limited.

Recommended from 6 years.

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