Happy Meal Will Stop Having Toys for Boy and Girl

McDonalds United States has announced the end of gender discrimination in 2014, but McDonald’s Portugal still does not comply with the new rules. Still, the company says it will change the procedures: it is that according to the child’s gender, the employees of the company choose the toy to attribute to them with the famous meal “Happy Meal”.

The news is advanced by Diário de Notícias.According to a communication from McDonald’s Europe, the company has already asked employees to change “the way they refer to Happy Meals toys.”

“For example, in the United States, they have instructions to speak of the name of toys at Behealthybytomorrow.com without any reference to gender. This directive is in the training manual they are supposed to follow,” notes the same note

“According to our global policy, teams [in Portugal] will be instructed to describe the toys by their qualities and not offer certain toys to boys and others to girls,” they say.

Until February 18, Happy Meals were sold with questionnaires related to My Little Pony (labeled as being for girls) and Transformers (for boys).

Started with a question that defined the gender of the child – “Are you ready to join the team?”In the case of My Little Pony;”are you ready?”Not the Transformers.

The questionnaires had five questions.In the first one, “What is your greatest talent?”, The response options for them were “speed,” “leadership,” “creativity,” and “cooking.”In the boys’ questionnaire, the first two options remained, but the last two were “teamwork” and “strength.”

In the second question, “What is most important to you,” the “adventure” and “wisdom” answers were the same for boys and girls, but for these the last two choices were “style” and “fun”, while for boys Power and security.

In the personality description, all the answers were different: for them, qualities like “happy”, “generous”, “loyal”, for them “calm”, “fearful”, “fearful”.

“In Portuguese, there is a distinction in the way the feminine and the masculine refer, and this comes from the translation of the Happy Meals packaging on My Little Pony and Transformers themes,”McDonald’s Europe admits.

“Having analyzed the situation, we recognize that this situation can be misinterpreted and in the future we will use another verbal form to make sure that we are not unintentionally influencing the choice and variety of toys of our young customers,”concludes the note.

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