Half of Toys Plunged into Safety Tests

Label failures, fragile to the point of breaking, risk of suffocation, sharp edges. These are some of the problems found in toys reviewed by the Consumer Protection Association.

The Consumer Protection Association (DECO) has hit 15 of the 31 toys tested in the laboratory.

At a time when, in the European space, toys cause 52,000 accidents a year, the study of this association warns of the dangers of toys.

“The seams of a doll have been torn by a pull, leaving the filling accessible. In the hands of a child, it can be easily removed and placed in the mouth, suffocating it,” DECO said in a statement.

The association warns, however, that the price of toys does not justify the flaws found: “In fact, there are expensive toys with flaws, just as there are cheap ones that are safe and respect the rules.”

Analyzes also reveal label failures.Some products do not have information in Portuguese, others lack important safety warnings.”It is the case of some who indicate they are not suitable for children up to a certain age, but omit the associated risks,”the association says.

DECO makes it clear that, to be on sale in the European Union, toys must bear the CE marking.However such certification does not guarantee the safety of the toy according to wholevehicles.

The association stresses that it is up to the consumer to choose products appropriate to the child’s age and development, warning that warnings and instructions should be read before buying.

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