Waterfall Shirt Tutorial

Waterfall shirts flatter your figure and move assets skillfully into perspective. Learn more about the playful trend parts.

Waterfall Shirt Tutorial

What is special about waterfall shirts?

Waterfall shirts come in the area of ​​the cut with wide falling material, the neck and décolleté plays around softly and thus beautifully sets the scene. Thus, the neck portion has a particularly slim and feminine, the breasts appear larger. By directing waterfall shirts by their section to focus on the upper body, unwanted love handles are hidden skillfully to torso and hip. And because the shirts at the hip and abdomen that fall fitting but relaxed let your silhouette appear more slender.

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Vintage Shirt Womens

Vintage shirts for women are now more popular than ever! Learn now what it has with the trendsetting retro look to it.

Vintage Shirt Womens

What distinguishes the modern vintage style?

Is in the fashion of vintage speech, then it’s all about new clothes, the “made in old” is. The individual pieces are thus characterized by a certain distressed. Frayed ends, open edges, faded prints, washed-out colors, cracks, and patches chaffing give the garments a charming flair. But old-fashioned cuts and designs that appear to come from another time are considered vintage or retro. Explore the Online Shop around a little: Find vintage ladies shirts with diverse tastes.

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Custom Women’s Shirts

Custom shirts for women never go out of fashion. Here is everything worth knowing about the feminine eye-catchers of the season.

Custom Women's Shirts

What kinds of printed shirts?

On the website you will find an incredible variety of printed shirts for women in a variety of designs and shapes. With front print or allover print, striped, plaid or with print, long or short sleeves, with buttons or round neck, elegant feminine or casual sporty – just pick the model from our range of which the suits you best. Enjoy browsing!

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Women’s Shirts and Blouses Clothing

Blouses shirts for women are absolute eye-catchers in women’s fashion. Read here what you need to consider when buying.

Women's Shirts and Blouses Clothing

What is so special about a blouse shirt?

Blouses shirts for women combine two advantages together: the casual comfort of a T-shirts with the feminine look of a blouse. Whether printed with motifs, asymmetrical cut, with long sleeves, with crew neck or V-neck – in a blouse shirt makes every woman a good figure. In addition, however, there are still other textiles, trendy details such as ruffles, large patterns, sequins and especially the stylish mix of materials.

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Shirt for Womens

In shirt-special you will find shirts by color, cut shape, cutout shape and special eye-catchers ranked. Thus, your choice easier, here are a few tips for you.


Shirts in which sectional shapes conceal a little tummy?

Small excess fat around the midsection disappear clever casual cut shirt in A-line. They are stressing figure in the chest area and are used for abdominal and hip region further down. This makes them fall loosely on small problem areas and create a slim silhouette. Also blouses shirts Carmen-style wrap around a charming little more voluptuous torso. Always a good idea is also casually cut long shirts, extending to the thigh. They cover the same time somewhat more lush hips.

Shirt for Womens

Shirts with which section forms are advantageous in large bust?

The neck shape has a great influence on how neckline and upper body work. Do you want a large bust optically compensate for something that all cuts are a good choice, the neck away and sit a little deeper. This has a stretching effect and creates a beautiful neckline. Depth round necklines, heart-shaped cutouts or V-necklines is available particularly well. The V-shape also has an attractive slimming effect.

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