Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

They marry, do not marry… the telenovela of Kate Middleton and Prince William of England for many years bounces on the most famous headlines. Confirmations and denials follow each other and create the fans and great trepidation subjects. But today I want to talk about what you enjoyed doing the US site most loved by brides, Brides.com , who has decided to make a prediction sull’abito chosen by the lovely Kate . Think for a mere mortal such stress is matrimonio ..nonostante organize a group of people who will help her, poor Kate, who is preparing to become a princess, will have a lot to do!

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5 Alternatives to the Classic Wedding Cake

5 alternatives to the traditional wedding cake? Here are many ideas all to copy! The wedding cake to celebrate your wedding day is a tradition that cannot be waived. However, for the bride and groom who want a reception outside the box, there are also the original alternatives to classic cake. Let’s see what are the nicest ones!

In recent times the Classic wedding cake with several floors took the most varied and unusual shapes: sweet alternatives to serve are many and varied, but must still be perfectly in line with the type of reception you choose. Let us then 5 alternatives to classic wedding cake! Continue reading “5 Alternatives to the Classic Wedding Cake”

Wedding Dress H & M

H & M, the Swedish low cost clothing mogul, launches the first inexpensive wedding dress that is part of the Conscious line and will be available from the month of March in some selected stores.

Looking for a really cheap wedding dress? H & M, the Swedish giant of cheap clothing launches first budget wedding dress, which costs less than an evening gown. So even H & M ventures into the world of wedding dress, debuting with a wedding dress that costs just € 79.95 and it will be released for sale in the month of March in some selected stores in the group. Continue reading “Wedding Dress H & M”

Romantic Wedding Dresses

Romantic, elegant and ladylike style. The bride Pronovias 2013 wears clothes at the height of a modern Cinderella.

Elegant, romantic, classical: a modern Princess with the times as new trends in bridal Pronovias 2013. Ethereal dresses, delicate lace and glittering Swarovski, with an eye on trends and classical-inspired elegance, refined and delicate workings of living, that from time to time are reinterpreted in an original way by this famous brand of wedding dresses. The bride Pronovias makes a bet with the tradition that takes the bride dressed in pure white as snow. Continue reading “Romantic Wedding Dresses”

Powder Pink Wedding Shoes

Powder pink wedding shoes, here is the romantic choice of those who want to escape the boredom of the classic ivory and white. A gradient that actually includes so many, much loved by those brides who want to be daring, but not by much.

Color the wedding. Brides do it already for some years now, and we’re certainly not talking simply of linen or of flowers, color, by now, is one of many weddings, pruning that also involves the choice of dress and accessories. Someone bets on strong colours, those not seen at a wedding, wearing a pair of dark shoes or a very bright color, which usually attract a detailed dress, while others prefer the romantic tones and bon ton, which does not break too much with tradition. Continue reading “Powder Pink Wedding Shoes”

Chantel Wedding Dresses Collection 

Clean lines and pure white for 2014 Chantel’s Bridal collection, designed for minimal chic wedding. Take a look in our photo gallery.

Minimal Chic“, this is how we could describe briefly the new collection of wedding dresses 2014 of Paillant, which as always mixes together the tradition of’ Haute Couture at modern solutions that take account of the real needs of the modern bride who doesn’t always loves the classic Princess gown. Continue reading “Chantel Wedding Dresses Collection “

Wedding Dress: 8 Recommendations No Stress

The big day brings with it a great deal of stress: invitations, invitations, party, dress, the pursuit of perfection …

Anxiety grows with the passage of days and the decisions to be taken. The risk is to get to the wedding so weak from not being able to enjoy the day.

“The risk is real, but is there a way to prevent the accumulation of excessive voltages – warns Jennifer Baumgartner, psychologist that specializes in fashion obsession – the important thing is to keep a spare amount of energy it takes to the future bride to de-stress in an active way in the days before the ceremony.” Continue reading “Wedding Dress: 8 Recommendations No Stress”

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

The Mermaid wedding dresses represent a real dedicated to feminine beauty. The banded pattern, in fact, stresses the body shape enhancing curves. That is why it is customary to associate this type of cut of the dress to the sinuosity of the mythological figures that they would live the depths of the sea. Load the alluring woman and make it beautiful on her wedding day.

The Mermaid wedding dresses are a real tribute to feminine beauty. Hug the body and wrap softly sides; glide down to the knees, and then open up to a wider skirt adds a touch glamour. The Mermaid cut gives sensual gently to the bride: allows you to emphasize the strengths of the silhouette, continuing to maintain the sobriety demanded by the occasion. In short, wearing this dress, the protagonist of the marriage manages to seduce without losing class. We discover together If anyone is well a Mermaid style wedding dress. Continue reading “Mermaid Wedding Dresses”