The Most Elegant Players of the World Cup

And there, guys. Miss writing here on the Findings. Miss also see the most stylish football guys parading by Brazil lawns. No methadones hair or beard designs. Here the guys are faithful to good taste on your essence and risk-averse baker style. But for us not to be just at the memory, here’s a gallery with those stars that also squander style off the field. Continue reading “The Most Elegant Players of the World Cup”

Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss Opposite for Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue

In the art of the covers of fashion magazines. There are as many styles as publications at the kiosk. At the end which more attention-grabbing you at first sight may be the first to buy, unless you’re a magazine specifically unconditional. The example what we see if we compare the last two covers of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue with Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss respectively. Continue reading “Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss Opposite for Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue”

The Three Best Collections Trends Cruise According to Vogue America

The Style, or what is the same thing the web of the Vogue America, sentence has already ruled to. After collections and Cruise collections as the of Calvin Klein o Sonia Rykiel  He has given his verdict on what to prediction of trends refers and has summarized the thing isn’t pecata minuta, in three. Thank you style, to save us that work. Continue reading “The Three Best Collections Trends Cruise According to Vogue America”

Covers Vogue November, Vote for Your Favorite Edition

What is Vogue? It is one of the most prestigious fashion magazines at international level, it is a fact. The myth contributes his weight in the history, the great names that have nourished his legend (and continue feeding it, as Grace Coddington endearing and crucial character, or André Leon Talley), and characters that are still devoting it today. Among them, Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld, two of the most influential editors of the fashion industry. But what of the figure of the editor-in-Chief as myth not them, but Diana Vreeland invented it. Continue reading “Covers Vogue November, Vote for Your Favorite Edition”

I Want an Magazines!

What best way to spend the afternoon on Saturday that flipping through a good repertoire of fashion magazines just outputs the oven? We know that you like to keep up to date so we make our particular kiosk with some of the most commented covers. Continue reading “I Want an Magazines!”

Long Live the Sozzani and Its Cover of Curvy Women!

We love to Franca Sozzani. For discrete, by guru, by professional and because its Vogue Italy It is the most important magazine in the world, which more risks, which you best prove that fashion is an authentic art. And when we have seen the cover of the month of June, we cannot but applaud her. For the first time a cover of Vogue has 3 models of large sizes. Continue reading “Long Live the Sozzani and Its Cover of Curvy Women!”

Anna Wintour Is a Person that Intimidating?

Says that Forbes Anna Wintour, the Director of Vogue in the United States, is one of the most influential women in the world. Coinciding with the publication of this list of Top Women, they allow us to see an interview in his office. Continue reading “Anna Wintour Is a Person that Intimidating?”

The Return of Gisele Bundchen to Doorways and Doubly!

We begin to see new covers of fashion magazines that we like most. On Tuesday, Mr Montag moved us a cover of Vogue with Keira Knightley as the protagonist. Moles flooded her clothes, and the lips were red so intense that focused on them centre stage. But today she is not the protagonist. Continue reading “The Return of Gisele Bundchen to Doorways and Doubly!”

Miu Miu Dresses Sweep Home

Do not you encariñáis a season with a dress and you can not stop using it happens you sometimes? Because that happens to magazines. Yes, Yes, magazines are also being repeated and are both obsessed with a piece that, in the end, it seems that all the covers seem a single. And the responsible firm that this season has been that Miu Miu and their amazing dresses full of applications, ties, and bright colors for this winter: the orange and the mallow. Continue reading “Miu Miu Dresses Sweep Home”

10 Best Covers Spanish

In the hope that on this day we touch the lottery of Christmas and hurry, most of us, in our last Christmas shopping is a review by the memorable covers of 2010. In our country, many of these images that are covers, are made and purchased on other sites but we want to show the covers of truth, which have been made by Spanish teams by the sweat of their brows. Continue reading “10 Best Covers Spanish”