Plus Size Blogger

Today I give you a plus size blog by a beautiful blogger with a heart: the lovely 25 year-old ELA shows on her fashion blog called ConQuore how can curvy women particularly nice dress and feel beautiful and to. Because good looks and well-being is not a question of size

How to feel beautiful

For me ELA of a parade example of this is how you can look great as a woman regardless of the size of the dress. Look beautiful is the one thing – another feel good: it is attitudinal, the positive feeling of body, well-being, broadcasting, what it’s about. If you accept yourself and think it’s beautiful, the most others do.
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How to Make a 1950s Style Skirt

For the woman costume from the 1950s, the classic flap and excellence is the poodle skirt. This type of skirt is often reflected in Halloween costumes, school plays, recitals and dance 1950 “theme nights. The skirts are typically a-line, knee length and can be done in a variety of colors. The crucial element the skirt that will unequivocally as an 1950s fashion statement is the fluffy poodle figure reflects above the bottom hem. the elements of your own office or skirt found inexpensively from a store local deals can be transformed into a fashion statement 1950 with some simple improvements.

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