VIP Pregnant

All women pregnant jet-set! Who will visit the Stork this year?

The year has just begun but for many women VIPs will certainly be a sensational year. Many, in fact, coming into 2011 with a beautiful belly! Which port will knock the Stork?

It certainly has gone to find the supermodel Miranda Kerr, who last January 7 became a mother of Flynn, had by actor Orlando Bloom. Will pass home of actress Natalie Portman, fresh winner of a Golden Globe. Her baby bump, banded in a silk dress, is one of the most beautiful images of the ceremony! Even the French colleague Marion Cottilard expecting her first child, in 35 years, while it will be the fourth for the former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham who, after three men from strange names, hoping for a girl. Continue reading “VIP Pregnant”

The Colors of Spring and Ways of Combining Them

Have you ever wondered what colors are going to succeed this Spring 2017? You don’t know how to combine them? The Fashion weeks become the best showcase to see the future trends, and in these past Fashion weeks have seen striking but cool combinations that is time of put them into practice in our day to day. Do you feel like? Continue reading “The Colors of Spring and Ways of Combining Them”