What Goes in Backpack of a Four Year Old Child

One of the recurring questions that ask me about our  family triparound the world is how to decide on luggage for a year. The golden rule is that we should only pack what is really necessary, because the burden of all those needs will be felt by our arms and back.  Continue reading “What Goes in Backpack of a Four Year Old Child”

Children’s Room Decorating Ideas Pictures

After the children begin to grow, the baby room decor no longer looks so good and we want to change the decor to something more suitable for the age of the child. How to decorate the room right?

Today here we give you some simple tips for decorating a child’s room and show a lot of pictures that will inspire you without doubt.

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3-6-9-12 Apprivoiser Les Ecrans et Grandir

Computer, TV, video games… one parent always wonder whether the child had not overdo it with this type of entertainment, from how soon can the few to play video games or watch movies only.

Prof. Serge Tisron by the French Academy of Pediatrics is an easy solution to these issues.

It offers parents to keep the rule 3-6-9-12. Here’s what it means:

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Child Development Stages Games

H and 5 months your child begins to catch objects-not only when you put them in his hand, but when you see them and can only touch them by hand. That, says prof. Gencho Piryova is early contact of the child with the toy.

At the end of the first year the child becomes more deftly. It can now walk and began “dangerous” period browsing the house, touching and examining everything in sight him.

At the second year ball game became a favorite child-initially That condition would roll on the floor, then learns to catch and feed. The child already has 30-40 words in the dictionary and began to speak with dolls and teddy bear to deal with a particular interest in picture books.

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Buy Remote Control Cars Online

Remote-controlled cars you can in different qualities and equipment in the scale of 1: 5 to 1:28 bekommen.Es they are in relatively simple designs as pure toys for children, as sports equipment, with which you can take part in national and international races, or as collector’s item for the fan. Special kits are available for both children as well as for available adults.

If you want to pay attention to the price, you can also log for Great look Used models. On the Internet there are numerous classifieds portals, where low can buy remote-controlled cars. The quality of a remote-controlled cars hanging like a from normal car of its services, its facilities and its durability, so can you remote control cars check before buying this quality standard.

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Outdoor Electric RC Helicopter Reviews

As the rotor is now driven and rotated, it is even tolerably matter. Whether combustion or electric engine, the most important for him is that he turns and moves.

Benefits RC Helicopter With Electric Motor

Now electric motors have significant advantages but also and especially in RC helicopters: they are reliable and do not bother with stench still excessive noise.

And they are available in such a tiny figure that RC helicopter electric this year are become so small that they can be flown to the Sunday lunch in the parlor. Try doing that with an internal combustion engine and the dear mother would very blame us!

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RC Electric Cars

Here we make a difference between “onroad” and off-road “, driven by powerful electric motors flitting RC electric cars on the racetrack. The diligent tuner There are no limits, let alone Participate limits!

Onroad-lowered RC race cars

Onroad means a very smooth track without scratches, bump or hump. The vehicles are placed so deep, deeper it gets. An ant is hit in an accident in the amount of her knee.And then try to be faster than his colleague on the track. No police without Radarkontrolle tarnishes here the fun of speed. What is not on the public road lawful, served only to benefit!

Because the RC electric cars do not interfere because of their powerful, yet quiet drive passersby and residents, we are quite open when choosing our racetrack. For example, is like Sunday in the parking lot of the supermarket or furniture store-where is it permitted-driven. Or in clubs that have applied proper race tracks, asphalted, with run-off areas and measuring devices for the lap times.

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Barbie Dolls Buying Guide

2016 New handmake wedding Dress Fashion Clothing Gown For Barbie doll Free shipping

Barbie dolls have been around since 1959 and have over the years been popular with many generations of girls. You can find more shapes in the Barbie series as Ken and Barbie’s smaller sisters. Play with Barbie dolls sets off the children’s imagination and invites to a role play, as they can play the various characters ‘ roles. The dolls can be dressed in different outfits and in turn inspire to new and exciting role to play.

With Barbie put only your imagination limit

With Barbie, it is possible to create a whole world with cars, stables, parties and everything else belongs to.

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Decoration: a Girl, a Boy and a Single Room

Days ago, I made a post about shared children’s rooms but one reader (A Rebecca) asked me to talk about sharing rooms for children of different sexes. I’ll tell you: in addition to dealing with todays small rooms to split between 2 brothers, they still be a boy and a girl….It is not easy! So I decided to do this post alone on this subject. I hope you (and Rebecca) enjoy it! Continue reading “Decoration: a Girl, a Boy and a Single Room”