Tablet Cheap Walmart: Check Out the Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Walmart online store is promoting a special offer of the model, which is costing today only $ $299 real.

The model is a great cost benefit to those looking for a tablet for basic activities with the Android system 4.2 Jelly Bean.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet 3 Lite has a compact design that is designed to fit in your hand. Has 7-inch touch screen offers more space to explore applications, watch movies, read books and surf the Internet. It also features a 2.0 mega pixel rear camera that lets you take panoramic photos and record videos. Continue reading “Tablet Cheap Walmart: Check Out the Samsung Galaxy Tab”

Sony Announces a Tablet with Two Screens

Difficult to understand the strategy of the big companies in the market of the tablets.A tablet with two screens?Would it be a mix of Nintendo DS and iPod Touch?

Well, you could say that this is a very interesting solution.But if you’re used to PlayStation games, you can forget. Continue reading “Sony Announces a Tablet with Two Screens”

Buyers Guide to Android Tablets

This buying guide is aimed to help you in the choice of a touchscreen Tablet, corresponding to your needs and your budget. Screen technology, ergonomics, battery life, connectivity, we invite you to discover our guide to help you choose the best touch tablet.

  1. Products for all uses

Everyone is ready to invest over € 300 in one touch pad. That’s why products cheaper exist on the market, with of course a few trade-offs.

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Huawei Mate Touch Screen

A new indiscretion would confirm the possibility that the new Huawei Mate S may supplement a technology similar to Force Touch of Apple. It is a Touch Screen control system first used on Apple Watch and that soon may also arrive in the smartphone world with new iPhone 6s.

If with iOS we already know roughly what will be on Android software implementations, it’s hard to imagine how the various producers will exploit this technology since everyone can customize their interface offering very different features. Continue reading “Huawei Mate Touch Screen”

Best GPS Device for Car

The GPS device test tests the best models. Especially for outdoor trips are GPS devices very interesting. Easily and accurately show positions and paths where one non-local is. In the test we have GPS devices according to the criteria of quality, durability and benefits selected. These points were still other factors such as the appearance and the price supplements. So we have in our GPS device test models of all price segments, the outdoor hiking, on a bike or in the car may be used. This we have of the cheaper options to premium quality  listed.

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