How to Wear Bow Ties

The bow tie is a well known male enhancement, but little used. Most men are afraid to adopt a style with this piece. Light and sophisticated, she can be the difference of your visual. A great choice for outdoor weddings during the day or for events that call for gala costume during the night, she can be the difference between a dull and the highlight of the party. Separate these tips to start using the bow tie without fear. Continue reading “How to Wear Bow Ties”

Wear with Tie

My grandfather is 90 years old and belong to the old school. Just as tough today as he was hard for fifty years ago. He was born during the first world war, was raised in the second and has lived his life with jerkin’ uppkavlad and hands deep in the soil. As a farmer, he was sweating from sunrise to sunset six days a week. On the seventh day, he tried to keep free from work and the dirt. With polished shoes, suit, shirt and tie, he took my grandmother the forearm to saunter along the city’s streets. As impractical as it would have been to plow the field in dress shoes, as obviously it was for him to dress impeccably when the farm no longer chained him by the durable clothes. An attitude he shared with his generation.

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How to Combine Your Shirt With Your Tie

As the previous Friday dedicate the post to neckties, today, I ask you do know How to combine your shirt with your tie? It seems lied that an accessory can give both of Yes; but it is that this is not one accessory either. A tie is very important within our look and if we do not know how to take it, can spoil all our appearance and give an impression of who we are mistaken. So, to avoid this to happen you, in this post I will give you keys so when you choose a shirt you always know what the perfect tie , and vice versa. Continue reading “How to Combine Your Shirt With Your Tie”

Top 10 Ties

Discover 10 ways to tie and wear your tie.

Any gentleman who respects himself must learn to tie a tie. Single, double, small, Windsor, Half Windsor, crossed, Onassis… there are several types of nodes for each occasion (work, output or ceremony) and each morphology (small, medium or large). This selection offers you to find the necktie that fits your desires. It is also necessary to know also match the tie with the outfit. Learn while following the advice of experts.Good viewing!

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Types of Ties

The ideal width depending on your body size

The slim tie
is defined as a tie slim model, the width of the lower end is below 6.5 cm. One might think that it is the fashion these days that would have made appear with this major trend of the curved garment, only she was born much earlier. Indeed, the first signs of slim ties are noticeable from the 20s, but they made a quick visit. This is especially the late 50s to the late 60s they experienced their biggest success before reappearing in the 2000s Anyway, if slim tie has always been synonymous with modernity and youth, the data is slightly different today.

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Men’s Fashion Accessories Guide

From Floerke leads men before eye that watches do not have to be the only accessory that man can wear in daily life. Because this is not so and wants to show us the fashion label. Or to put it in the words of David Schirrmacher, founder of the fashion house from Floerke to say:

“We invent classic accessories new and interpret them for a younger generation of self-confident, stylistically confident men.”

Some of these accessories, I have looked a little closer to you and would like to share my impressions and experiences in this post. But before I let me not take a few words about the fashion house to lose himself.

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