Nineties Interior Design

Close your eyes for a moment and try to think: they were the nineties?

If you do not think of anything, it is not (only?) Why, good for you, you were born in those years, after or just before. No, the fact is that to think, at least from an aesthetic point of view, the 90s have left no great sign of self, and compared to previous decades, that identity will have to be sold, in a decade effects seem a bit ‘colorless.

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Advantages of Warm White Light

Color concepts based on light tones, rooms can appear larger and bring a positive mood in the house. An interior design that focuses on white, facilitates combinations with other colors, making high-contrast combinations particularly effective. To produce white furniture against dark walls a particularly elegant effect. Also goes well with white but also any other color excellent-whether gaudy or pastel. A consistent, stylish ambience can be as simple as with many other color schemes achieve. In addition, White has a relaxing effect on the eye, it soothes and harmonizes. Depending on the materials used can also be created a cozy and warm atmosphere with white. For wall colors and decorative materials White is also not equal to white: Whether pure white, snow white, ivory or alabaster-on the different color palettes, the manufacturer is often found a variety of shades of white. The mood can be varied as subtle by another sound, like. By selecting the appropriate light source and the matching light White lights are versatile, they are suitable for elegant, minimalist or playful living concepts.

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How to Make a Feather Light Fixture

Feather luminaries appear in the designer shops in the pages of interior decorating magazines and much more – photographed famous homes. This type of lamp is probably not for everyone, but for people who like to have unusual decor of feathery light catches your attention. Join and bring this attractive fixtures in your own home by feather lampshade for far less than those sold in a trendy boutique.

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Front Entrance Indoor Lighting

The entrance of each building, whether one’s own home, office building or the local supermarket, is the calling card of the house. The first impression one gets upon entering the building, can be later difficult to revise, even if the rest of the house a friendly and pleasant impression makes than the entrance area. A hotel is no exception, on the contrary: The guest should feel in his vacation or on a business trip well, and this Well-being should begin at best upon entering the hotel. For the overall impression one gets from a building, contribute both architecture, furniture and acoustic and light. The lighting of a hotel entrance and the lobby should be inviting and harmonious in any case.

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Three Main Types of Lighting

When decorating your home, lighting plays a crucial role in how your home will look to others. There are three basic types of lighting that can be used in a room, the environment, task and accent lighting. Knowing what each one is and what it can help you determine which type or mixture of types is suitable for any room in your home.

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Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers in Germany

“German Design rarely screams. It does not impose himself, he wants to be of high quality and practical. ” With these words, Florian Hufnagel expressed concern to the online magazine the question , What is German design ‘. Hufnagel, curator of the Munich Neue Sammlung / SMKP, sees the design approaches of the former Ulm School of design as a style characteristic for what is defined as a German design for the past 70 years: businesslike, almost sober design technically is always on the cutting edge.

After the first part of our series “Design lamps made ​​in Germany” the lighting of the young, wild design scene in Germany devoted, we present you in this second post lighting fixtures before that in the tradition of classic German design.

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