Basic Pieces Women’s Wardrobe

Women love to shop. We always think there’s something missing in our wardrobe for another that is clogged with so many pieces of the most varied. However, we’re not always with money to buy the clothes of the moment. In fact, a person who knows how to dress well you don’t need much money.

If you have good taste and creativity, can do very well in their looks. They can be made with basic roupaspecas, those that we use on a daily basis, but there are ways to increase the visual using simple pieces with the right accessories at the right time. Continue reading “Basic Pieces Women’s Wardrobe”

Creative Ideas for Tshirt Painting

T-shirt – this is the most common type of clothes, which enjoyed great popularity in both men and women of all ages.
It is amazing that before this thing is considered lower lingerie, fashion, however it openly wearing occurs in 40-50 years. And, of course, mainly because of television, where the main characters of your favorite movies have emerged in this his.

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Should I Wear Tights or Jeans

Because of the climate a bit ‘crazy in recent days, where temperatures range from 07.08 degrees in a few hours, the sun is not seen rarely and the rain falls every day, my biggest dilemma became: how I I dress? The problem in fact is that there is hot, but not enough to be able to dress in the summer so, nor is there, though, so you can keep the cold winter look. By day I have tried to work around the problem, preferring jeans, a suitable end to a thousand occasions and that this season is perfect because it adapts to changes in temperature. For the evening, instead, not wanting to repeat the jeans, I had to commit more discarding the idea of ​​shooting with bare legs (still milky white fearfully) and the idea of ​​using the tights (they too now winter).

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How to Dress in Different Occasions

We know, we have a closet full of clothes and accessories, but we never know what to wear. And there are more difficult occasions in which we go right into panic and seek help in the friends who can support and understand each other in these difficult times, that each of us experience every day in front of his locker. How to do? Never fear, we think Cotton Use to give us the answers, thanks to the psychologist Maria Beatrice Toro , who investigated the situations in which the Italian found it more difficult to choose the right outfit, and the designer Antonio Pythagoras , who gives us his suggestions how to dress in these occasions.Farewell panic wardrobe!

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Learn How to Use Mimolet length

A new length when it comes to clothes of fashion is invading not only the catwalks and national and international parades, but also the streets by women more fashionistas. Is the mimolet length, for who doesn’t know, the length mimolet promises to be a strong trend for this season. The length is a term used to define the women’s skirts and dresses that end shortly after the knees, and can go up to the height of the calf.

The mimolet length provides an extremely delicate and romantic touch to garments from fashion, besides being a very easy length to be combined with other pieces of women’s clothing. The skirts and dresses in this length can be used on a daily basis in most casual productions and during the night, in the most modern and sophisticated looks. The newest length has been adhered to the looks of several famous and celebrities.

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Desigual Spring Summer Collection 2016

We know that to Desigual like daring with colors and ethnic patterns juxtaposed in a manner contrary, today we discover the new collection spring summer 2016: jerseys, handbags and clothes.

Desigual is known to be a brand the banner of colors and patterns. The Spanish brand was founded in 1984 and continues to be distinguished and established itself in the fashion world thanks to the mix of flowers, graffiti, strong colors and patchwork. Today we see the new Desigual Spring Summer 2016, straight from the catwalk.

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Pop Art Fashion Trend 2016

The pop fashion brings a lot of irreverence and warm colors, is an exotic and very modern style with influences in everything that involves pop, is pop art or pop music. His pieces are beautiful, perfect for those with a more daring style. The pope art was the artistic movement where artists like Andy Warhol stood out for his works in its work one of the most striking were the colorful paintings of pop icons like Marilyn Monroe. Already pop music are characterized by fabulous performances on stage, artists such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have done and are part of that environment.

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The Patches T-Shirt For Men

I saw it and immediately fell in love. A patch T-shirt for men, it should be so. And I myself do not know exactly what drove me to buy this patch T-shirt. It was probably the love. It is really rare that I look at a piece of clothing with patterns, images or colors buy it. In this patch T-shirt for men even meets all three to! What’s going on there? I can myself not really explain, but somehow this t-shirt I like them just as much. And it suits me very well, I think. Maybe it was just about time that a colorful garment applied for asylum in my closet. And I’m sure it will feel good. At least as well as I feel in the T-shirt.

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How to Wear Leggings with Skirts

The word “Leggings” has not yet entered into your vocabulary, and in your closet? Discover what it is and how you wear the fashion trends of spring.

Every season has its centerpiece and for this spring-summer we should get used to a new term to use. Mean anything to the word leggings? Discover what it is: what is the boss of the moment and how to match it.

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Tezenis Presents the New T-shirt

Tezenis has great news to offer us this season autumn winter 2011-2012, and does not concern either intimate or clothing homewear where the brand is becoming a true leader! For the cold season, in fact, Tezenis thought a nice line of t-shirt, a capsule collection in limited edition by the way, that includes different models with very nice prints, T-shirts collectible that you will find in the store at a very low cost, we take a look at MedicineLearners!

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