Story Behind The Flag of Canada

Canada And The Maple Leaf

  • The region in Canada was colonized by European immigrants since about 1600. Political independence has become the state, but only in the 1931st year
  • The first national flag of Canada was a merchant British flag with the Coat of Arms.Even the flag of the Canadian Confederation in 1868 has taken a maple green leaves on the emblem.
  • The sugar maple is one of the most important trees to the nature of Canada, the sheet has always symbolized the region.
  • After the definitive independence of many Canadians were in favor of creating a new, own flag, which should symbolize independence better.The Union Jack of Great Britain should no longer be seen in it.
  • A long discussion followed as to whether at all a new flag would be necessary and, if so, what should they show.Both the English and French speaking Canadians wanted to feel represented by the flag.
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