Swimwear Woman Summer 2012: How Can I Buy at Low Prices

The dream of any woman is a wardrobe to the Carrie Bradshaw, wide as a flat two-piece. Patterns in abundance can change several times per day if the urge takes us. The must, a room available in different colours to wear according to your mood. This is possible even with a budget of normal girl. Many sites offer of pretty woman swimwear summer 2012to strut on the beach.

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Plus Size Bikini in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated seems open for brands who want to break the paradigms of beauty. Last year, the magazine gave the talk the place for the first time an ad with a plus size model in your traditional swimwear Edition, the “swimsuit issue”. This time, the publication was surprised with a notice of trademark beachwear SwimsuitsForAll starring a plus size model of 56 years. Nicola Griffin appears wearing a gold bikini’s new collection of the brand, which is part of the #SwimSexy campaign (“swim sexy” in literal translation) to promote the inclusion of all types of women. Continue reading “Plus Size Bikini in Sports Illustrated”

Plus Size Wearing Bikini

You’ve found already the right bikini, but still not confidence to wear it? We motivate you! The curvy blogger-ladies show. A great bikini with matching accessories, and you will shine on the beach with the Sun to the bet. Let yourself be inspired, there’s the amazing looks of the bloggers! Continue reading “Plus Size Wearing Bikini”

Big Woman Swimsuit Summer 2012

Nature spoiled you, so where can we finda swimsuit both sexy and suitablewhen you have a bit of hips or agenerous chest ? Today we offer you a selection special swimsuit woman great size that will allow you to do your tracking already for the summer sale 2012 No time to lose, a swimsuit requires good reflection so that this summer you are the more uncomfortable as possible in your movements. Discover VS Lingerie sites (link:vslingerie.fr), One Stop Plus (link: onestopplus.fr) and Lingerie Story (link: lingerie – story.fr )). Continue reading “Big Woman Swimsuit Summer 2012”

3/4 Sleeve Maternity Tops

To celebrate in style July 14, earn up pinup pregnancy ¾ sleeves Isabella Oliver in blue, white or red! Apregnancy top to win … without commitment! Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba are fans … The stars who are expecting a happy event all opted for the English brand Isabella Oliver maternity clothes…

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Best Swimwear for Your Body Type

Shower curtain, bustier, Thong, BRA with bulge Sao so styles that you already do not know what to choose for the summer, right Check what are the main trends in swimwear plus size and see advice to choose the bikini or may that best fits your body and style

Fashion tips more size range

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8 Items That Can Not Miss in Your Bag in the Summer

My beautiful, are traveling to the beach? This season is a delight to enjoy the Sun and the sea. Not to miss in that you have to take in your suitcase, I thought of a few items that can not miss because it will make all the difference.


It is impossible to travel to the beach without our dear sunscreen. Many people suffer because you don’t like sticky effect that he makes on the skin, so I separated three of my favorites. The Vichy and the RoC are for combination skin and I love the crisp effect that they do and I use them in the face, I L ‘ OREÁL I use in the body and have liked him very much. So please don’t forget your guardians because the Sun is killing!

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