Olympic Swimming: 5 Tips to Shaving His Chest and Belly

Those who follow the Olympics of the river¬†know that swimming athletes compete in their evidence with the body completely shaved.¬†That’s because the absence of the body by helps improve performance in the water, reducing friction and increasing the grip on the surface of the pool. Continue reading “Olympic Swimming: 5 Tips to Shaving His Chest and Belly”

Good Quality Flippers For Swimming

Flippers gives you more speed

The flippers are also called fins and are an important part of the classic equipment you will use when you snorkel. Flippers are designed to give you extra speed underwater and thus making your swimming experience even better.


Soft or hard fins

The harder the blade on your flippers, the bigger and better propulsion you get. However, it is also more exhausting to swim with fins, hard as the resistance of water becomes greater. If you need to go snorkeling, are relatively soft fins the most ideal choice since you here do not need high speed over long distances. It also means that your fins for snorkeling should not be overly long and powerful.

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Where to Buy a Bathing Cap

Find bathing cap that fits your needs

When you jump in the water, it is important that you have a shower cap that fits your needs. A shower cap can be used to reduce resistance in the water and to protect hair from chlorine water and sun. It is essential to achieve the right fit and thus avoid bathing cap off wrinkles. In this way, you can get a more fun experience next time, you need to be in the water.

bathing cap

Become faster in the water and protect the hair with a shower cap

The right shower cap reduces resistance, so you get a better experience in the water. The smooth, water-resistant surface allows the water slides around the head, and thus does not stop your progress. A shower cap in good quality ensures a high comfort and perfect fit, so it feels comfortable to swim with. bathing cap also protects the hair from chlorinated water, so your hair will not be worn if you swim a lot. Do you have long hair, there are special models that fits this, so you’re still achieves an optimum comfort.

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Swimming Glasses Buy Online

Avoid water in the eyes with the right swim goggles

A pair of swimming glasses are absolutely essential for swimming-both indoor and outdoor. It gives you as a supreme comfort to swim with glasses, you with swimming goggles in good quality avoids water and stinging in the eyes. With a good pair of swimming glasses, you can therefore concentrate 100% on your swimming. In addition, it allows you to see more clearly under water, which gives you a better opportunity to orient yourself.

Swimming Glasses Buy Online

Find swim goggles with just the right fit

Pay attention to your swim goggles to sit real close. If they do not sit as they should, you risk as easy to get water in your eyes. This can be both uncomfortable and an annoying interruption in your swim workout. In order to ensure the right fit, there are several ways to customize the glasses, so they are sitting optimally on your face:

Silicone strap on your glasses is always adjustable, so you can easily customize the glasses for your head. Some adjustable straps are even 2-shared in the neck, which gives a superior fit.

In the field of swimming glasses, there are various nose bridges: the flat nose bridge is made of a flexible material, which ensures an optimal comfort. In contrast is the adjustable nose bridge, which allows for easy adaptation to the vast majority of faces.

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