LED Spots and Halogen Spotlights in Comparison

GU10 Halogen Comparison With LED Spots

Various LED-spots from different manufacturers were tested. Only the characteristics recognizable by the consumer were examined. The consumer wants the same bright lighting with less power consumption. Now, however, with LED spots. Continue reading “LED Spots and Halogen Spotlights in Comparison”

Spot LED

The LED spot is at the forefront of fashion. Indeed, this light is often used for its practicality and space saving. The downlight LED is a light which serves both ceiling lamp (LED ceiling light) but also decorative. He agrees with a modern and contemporary style and is very suitable for internal and external use.

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Front Entrance Indoor Lighting

The entrance of each building, whether one’s own home, office building or the local supermarket, is the calling card of the house. The first impression one gets upon entering the building, can be later difficult to revise, even if the rest of the house a friendly and pleasant impression makes than the entrance area. A hotel is no exception, on the contrary: The guest should feel in his vacation or on a business trip well, and this Well-being should begin at best upon entering the hotel. For the overall impression one gets from a building, contribute both architecture, furniture and acoustic and light. The lighting of a hotel entrance and the lobby should be inviting and harmonious in any case.

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20 Tips of Lighting to Turn Your Home with Light

Everyone loves tossing themselves into the decor of the house, including hiring an area professional to create a perfect project to perform. But not everyone thinks about lighting, at least not on the importance it has for safety, for well-being and, of course, for the aesthetics of the house. Continue reading “20 Tips of Lighting to Turn Your Home with Light”

5 Tips on Lighting for Swimming Pools

  • For many people, have a pool at home is more than a reason for leisure:  it is a real sweet spot. Enjoy the calm waters and take the stress of the day in the comfort of home is priceless! How modern life is based on the run, the free time is scarce and, generally, the day flies without we can enjoy as planned. So, swimming at night can be an inviting option for relaxing at home. A swimming pool all lit up, besides being extremely decorative, is much safer. The lighting can create a zon space and value more the planned pool.

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