Bershka Sport Collection

Even Bershka combines with the general celebration of the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games and after the many tributes made ​​in the past to the Stars and stripes American, reasons that it has become a real must-have in the last period, here is the tribute brand to the iconic Union Jack English. It is not the first brand to letting himself be inspired by the event, by Jimmy Choo with its line of accessories, the new dancers Pretty Ballerinas of Waterproof Textile Collection line, it seems that the Olympics have become very fashion inspiring reason in the last period. The brand Discount luxury choose to think t-shirts, skirts, shorts and bags with this beautiful fantasy, let us examine them in detail. Continue reading “Bershka Sport Collection”

How to Dress to Go to the Gym

With summer comes the desire to get in shape and the only thing that works is the gym!

Don’t make the tragic mistake of going to the gym wearing the shirt torn and baggy pants: even as you race keep your touch! Also if you need any more incentive to go to the gym, to show off your look could be a good reason!

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How to Wear Sweatpants

On The Occasion, There Comes

Sweatpants employ decades tempers. Are they just convenient, but a fashionable mortal sin, or who have a right to exist? Other countries other manners. In the Balkans, the men (tracksuit) go in “Trenirka” for shopping, to the cafe or to private parties.

Nobody turns up his nose because the uniforms limit in professional life, the personal clothing freedoms more than enough. No waiters would without black trousers, white shirt and tie operate a guest.

In Germany, this is different, so it all depends on the occasion when a sweatpants should be worn. Even in the gym it is tolerated only with wrinkled nose. Stylish sportswear looks different.

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Vintage Fashion Style

Vintage style is present not only in fashion but also in interior design. In furniture, it is characterized by aging effect.Still, let’s talk about Vintage fashion, which again is current .Vintidzh style you appreciate those who have more imagination. It takes courage and desire for experimentation. You should be able to break away from the shackles of the familiar you fashion trends and clothing. Vintage fashion is found in women’s clothing and men’s clothing.

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Adidas Sports Pants

Vestige of the late 1990s, with the choker tattoo image, the tape seems pants gently-but surely-return to the front of the scene mode. Version chavs’ or tuxedo.

It is part of the remains of fashion 90-2000 years that we thought would never see in our dressing room. Along with the denim skirt, pants sign the band to a comeback noticed this season, in the versionsportswear in homage to the famous jogging three stripes of Adidas or its version tuxedo contrasting side stripes. But as the athleisure could we desire anything and girls fashion have already adopted, this piece previously banned preparing to reinstate our wardrobe.

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What to Wear for Sports Day

We see in detail what are the right clothes to wear when practicing sports


Those are sure to be the most comfortable and seamless: can be long, if you attended for example the hall with the machinery for the strengthening of the muscles where the movements are rather “static” and constants. Shorts or leggings instead are more suitable for those who want to face the treadmill for a brisk walk or a run. It is important, however, always be careful in choosing trousers made with quality fabrics and although attracted by bright colors, check that the garment does not “Sam” and not lose the color.

Even your pants or shorts antiperspirants or acrylics, can cause problems, because the sweat is not well absorbed and stagnates on the skin, creating unsightly rashes. For fitness (aerobics, step, modern dance etc defined by are fine shorts, tights or leggings.

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