Men’s Nike Shoes

For those who like to walk well and keep their feet protected, for men, the Nike men’s sneakers are sure to be a smart choice, as the brand provides a wide variety of sneakers, where it offers the highest technology to ensure light, comfortable shoes and also durable, and because of this, falls into the taste of the public being one of the most sold in the world. Continue reading “Men’s Nike Shoes”

Fashion Clothes Pregnant-Photos

Fashion Clothes & Shoes

The fashion gestane is great to bring news and clothes for pregnant women to wear comfortable clothes, and each day that passes these clothes are more beautiful and delicate, is what happens with the new Fashion Clothes Pregnant 2018, several different and very comfortable pieces, all this so that the woman can feel good in this special moment of life. Continue reading “Fashion Clothes Pregnant-Photos”

Best Sneakers Fashion

What is the sneaker perfect for 2016? Impossible to choose one model and it is the perfect sneaker. It’s a so subjective choice that my perfect sneaker will probably not yours… To have an overall trend in sneakers for 2016 so I did appeal to the biggest bloggers mode of the universe! And as they were not refreshed I then turned to the best french fashion bloggers. And you know what? They’ve agreed to show us what is for them the sneaker perfect for 2016.

Continue reading “Best Sneakers Fashion”

Achadões of the Week: Special Shoes

After travel and intense weeks, we go back to the regular schedule of posts. And nothing better to get back to normal than start the week with our classic Achadões. The Achadões of today is inspired by my own past purchases. Since I moved, I got a crazy shoes pindaíba. The thing is, the trunk is a finite area and shoe is a section that takes up a lot of this finite space. The result is that I only brought in changing couples who really loved and lived without. Continue reading “Achadões of the Week: Special Shoes”

Sneakers Open-Pictures, Price

Open Sneakers Pictures and Models

The new Open Sneakers have everything in fashion, and if these shoes already conquered the women before imagine now with this launch that is there to be stylish, and you check in today’s post how to use and where you can already buy these models, because already has many sites bringing these releases. Continue reading “Sneakers Open-Pictures, Price”