Plus Size Fashion Summer

Plus Size Fashion

Who says you need to be skinny to be fashionable? Making an allusion to known song of Roberto Carlos, to say that, Yes, the fatties, today, can enjoy the plus size fashion. With all the glamour and style you deserve. Each time you come back to this thread, the fashion market come betting strong on plus size fashion, which has gained more and more space and thus making the democratic trends, for all sizes of silhouettes. Continue reading “Plus Size Fashion Summer”

Female Nerd Style

The nerd style, or also called Geek, has done quite successfully in the world, being used mainly by younger gang, and one of the predominant styles among Europeans, especially in London. But none of that outdated stereotype of geek underdressed “, that only think about studying and don’t care about fashion. Quite the contrary! The geek style is super cool, and is present in several international shows, and strong bet among the fashionistas on duty. Continue reading “Female Nerd Style”

Beautiful Models of Leather Skirt

Options In Leather Skirt Check.

Fashion trends keep some pieces like the leather skirt, like pieces that are always in the women’s taste and allow to be part of several beautiful and interesting looks for different occasions.

Thus this piece can come in models that will enhance the female silhouette and allow the combination with pieces such as shirts, blouses, T-shirts, coats, blazers, sweaters, cardigans, tops and other pieces. As you realize it is a very versatile piece that can take you to ballad or night parties, simply combining it with a lot of brightness and sequins, and on the feet nothing better than bet on scarpins, rumors, ankle boots, and others.

Shorter or longer, in the basic and preferred color of all, black or in more cheerful and clear colors, this piece can make all the difference in your look, and in its several versions like pencil, larguinhas, with high waist or not, they are for all tastes and styles.

So for you who want a modern and different look for the Sunday ride, or to work, or even to give a spice on the look, getting more seductive and sexy, nothing better than bet on the leather skirt and you will notice the difference, for sure.

Belts Style

My sister is an excellent example of women who are afraid of all the extra pounds that will appear on their extra weight. So when a pound of picks, just wants it back as quickly as possible to drop. And with its burning at all no problem. The problem is that her clothes, especially jeans, which she liked a great fall when you’re not comply with some of their diets. Therefore, it is also a lover of all the bands that it helps to jeans stay where they are. Continue reading “Belts Style”

The Skirt Which Represents Me

I believe I have clothes from our closet that represent stages in the life of the people. It is hard to put into words the reasons why you identify with a suit at some point of life. The truth is that we often confuse identify with falling in love. Of course, there’s those clothes that you fall in love by the time they see in the window. But passion has expiration date and, as a rule, after a few uses, it goes away. Continue reading “The Skirt Which Represents Me”

Day 2 of Week of Baby Shoes that Make Me Smile

Second day of our week of showing that shoe, when well chosen, yields a lifetime of beautiful looks. So, yesterday, when I was getting ready to go out for lunch with the husband who was off because I worked all weekend, the Slipper was already there, separadinho, ready to get paint on the streets of SanFran. We were going out to lunch in the neighborhood , i.e. the foot. And I didn’t even think twice. One thing I can say with all my heart is that this couple is comfortable.Was a prerequisite for the wedding shoe choice simply because I wanted to use it from the beginning to the end of the party. Continue reading “Day 2 of Week of Baby Shoes that Make Me Smile”