How to Dress When You’re Pregnant

You are pregnant and renew your wardrobe scares you? No panic,we will give you advice.

What Cuts, Shapes, Materials and Colors to Choose?

Above all, your wardrobe should be made of practical clothing and essential. Essential are basic as jeans, pants and especially a jacket. The jacket allows not have a broken back figure by widening. Remember not too close otherwise it marks the size and silhouette appears destructured. Another tip, you have to form color units for a smooth silhouette. For example, avoid the black jacket with a white top and prefer a white or black for all the above. Similarly, choose tops slightly longer than usual, with 5 to 10cm more.

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How to Clean the Skin with ACNE

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, usually during adolescence, although it can also manifest in adulthood. The genetic factor is one of its greatest detonating, however, other conditions as hormonal changes, emotional stress, poor hygiene, excessive use of products rich in fat and the intake of certain medications, can also give rise to his presence.

Regardless of the cause, maintain an appropriate facial hygiene is fundamental for the aggravating injuries and ensure a healthier skin. We explained to you in detail how to clean the skin with acne and homemade masks that will help you enhance the wellbeing.

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Milan Makeup Trends For Next Year

Here are the latest beauty & make up directly from the Milan Fashion Week.

Not only Quadrilateral. For a few years fashion has discovered the city and is open to innovative locations, evocative, original. As the proposals of the stylists, who each year seduce us, make us fall in love, make us talk.
Let’s see what are the most glamorous ideas for the beauty industry for next autumn-winter.

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Perfect Face Makeup with Freckles

How to make up a face with freckles, perfect makeup for those who prefer to enhance their face with the shades suitable for this kind of skin tone. In our photo gallery you will find a lot of ideas to copy and experience.

Clear eyes, red hair and diaphanous skin: that’s who are women who often complain of those specks of brown or reddish that tend to develop in the face and in a good part of the body. Women often dissatisfied and wanting to know How to cover freckles, but there are many others that have no intention to keep it real, indeed wish to enhance them with a make up that is suitable for this particular feature of their face. Continue reading “Perfect Face Makeup with Freckles”

Makeup Valentine’s Day: 10 Products to be Perfect

The perfect look for your Valentine’s Day in 10 Suggested exclusive products from UnaDonna.

Are you planning a romantic evening for Valentine’s Day? Here for you a selection of 10 products, which are essential to be absolutely … perfect! The makeup, the wigs, the face and body products: These 10 suggestions will help you as a reminder so you do not forget any details!

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Facial Cleansing DIY at Home

Some people spend much money on creams and serums that feels great but you forget something fundamental: do the cleaning of the face !! Instead of trying to hide the effects of a lack of care of our skin with makeup would be good to prevent the cause of these imperfections doing facial cleansing REGULARL.

Here’s how we can make a facial cleansing DIY  in 6 simple steps:


The first thing we need to do for a perfect cleaning of the face is open the pores with steam . In the market there are the facial saunas emit steam but I still use the method of the grandmother put to boil water in a pot and when boiling add two teaspoons of baking soda, then expose the face for about 15 minutes (if you resist!) Covering me his head with a towel to avoid losing steam. Continue reading “Facial Cleansing DIY at Home”