5 Trends of NYFW Spring 2016

Well, I showed you in a previous post what were the trends in street style of the NYFW Spring 2016 and if you haven’t checked out, click here. But today I will show you 5 trends that appear in weight on the runway and that promise to be the macaws of the stores next summer. As are many fashion shows it’s hard to concentrate on just a trend but for sure these that I separated for you will come with everything. They want to know?Just scroll the mouse and have fun.

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Looks for Women with Thick Thighs

Despite the overwhelming majority of women prefer a body more thin and dry, these days, have thick thighs should not be synonymous with disgrace to anyone.

Unfortunately, the world of fashion does not recognize the beauty of the women more plump and so continues to make clothes so small, but so small that even Barbie could use.

If you have thick thighs, your beauty can and should be highlighted. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. So, we created a list with some tips you can follow to stay even more beautiful-just the way you are.

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Wall PepÉIs to Do at Home

The wallpaper is a decorative feature that hardly will be retired. When the classical prints fall into disuse, soon comes a brand with striking patterns and irreverent to give a jolt to this market. Yes, they are great and until there are more affordable models, but pay on average 500 or 600 dollars in each roll and still have to pay installation costs is something, at least, disheartening. Continue reading “Wall PepÉIs to Do at Home”