Tie Out of Wool

The General förhållningen to kostymmode are often quite strict and formal. Many people choose safe bets in front of personal combinations. That is why it is almost always a silk tie that goes on when the tie is required. Anyone who has ever tried to carry a ylleslips know, however, that it is an equally successful combination. Continue reading “Tie Out of Wool”

Female Nerd Style

The nerd style, or also called Geek, has done quite successfully in the world, being used mainly by younger gang, and one of the predominant styles among Europeans, especially in London. But none of that outdated stereotype of geek underdressed “, that only think about studying and don’t care about fashion. Quite the contrary! The geek style is super cool, and is present in several international shows, and strong bet among the fashionistas on duty. Continue reading “Female Nerd Style”

How to Buy Football Shirts Aliexpress

In Brazil literally discourages buying shirts and soccer jerseys, because with the taxes you will not be able to find your team’s soccer shirt from the heart for less than 200 reais, of course the current shirts, without being the outdated that when you leave the line end up entering the promotion and you pay around 100 reais. Continue reading “How to Buy Football Shirts Aliexpress”

The Pants that Saved Me from Laziness

Think of a person tired. How could you understand, yesterday I slept a little late (the previous post was posted around 2:30 in the morning). It happened that a crazy insomnia took me by storm and the most I could do to deal with it was to take advantage of the extra time in the morning to post. Continue reading “The Pants that Saved Me from Laziness”

The Skirt Which Represents Me

I believe I have clothes from our closet that represent stages in the life of the people. It is hard to put into words the reasons why you identify with a suit at some point of life. The truth is that we often confuse identify with falling in love. Of course, there’s those clothes that you fall in love by the time they see in the window. But passion has expiration date and, as a rule, after a few uses, it goes away. Continue reading “The Skirt Which Represents Me”

Performance Fitness Tour de France Bike

In the Tour de France, the Alps and the Pyrenees have a crucial role to play. It is on the high mountain climbs in the Tour is determined. But aside must climb a Tour winner also falls well because if you fall ill, because you can lose a lot of time. A col descend looks like a real art and is lovely to watch TV. Not for nothing, there is a book on this fascinating part of cycling: “Sinking Art” Martin Bons. What are the best performers in the Pack? And what decliners been throughout history the most? An overview.

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Spring 2016 Men’s Fashion

Beige, floral and tone on tone

The big colors this spring are, without doubt, beige and gray. Most of the big brands in men’s fashion is betting heavily on the combination of beige, grey and tone on tone, as we see in the pictures below.

This is Massimo Dutti and Zara man’s interpretation of spring fashion in 2016, Mr.

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A Guide to Cufflinks

Cufflinks are men of action figures, which lock the buttons of the long sleeved shirt in style.

Some cufflinks are two buttons (projections) associated with a shackle-these buttons go through buttons holes. One more type of cufflink has a close button, whose end is rotated to form a T-shape that passes through the aperture of the shirt.
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How to Wear Transparent Clothes

They’re here giving a special touch last spring, became the sensation of the summer and are already super priced for next season. The transparency back for good and doing the head of many women and, of course, men. This trend, which has been used by our grandmothers, always returns to runways with new styles and combinations. But the purpose is the same: to make women more sensual and feminine at the same time.

Before transparency was being represented with rents and applications, for the winter 2012 is more daring, with lightweight fabrics and

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