The Skirt Which Represents Me

I believe I have clothes from our closet that represent stages in the life of the people. It is hard to put into words the reasons why you identify with a suit at some point of life. The truth is that we often confuse identify with falling in love. Of course, there’s those clothes that you fall in love by the time they see in the window. But passion has expiration date and, as a rule, after a few uses, it goes away. Continue reading “The Skirt Which Represents Me”

Golden Pumps

The shoe trends for spring / summer 2015 show this year to experiment and striking. Also present: Golden Pumps! Because they rely on the already trendy Metallic and especially to tanned skin-catchers. We will show you different outfit ideas and tricks to make your charming look does not look cheap. For well done it can be worn not only the party but also in everyday life.

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Ladies Sweater

Sweaters are not just clothes that are to keep warm, but much more. They are simultaneously warming cocoon and decorative basics.Although sweaters were first reserved for the men, they have established an excellent position in the world of women. It has long been no longer any shell knitted from wool, but there are a variety of different materials. In any wardrobe, there are various models and colors. Sweaters not only fit for pants excellent, but also to rock . Sometimes they are rustic and sometimes they act filigree worked as lace.

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The Elastic Waist Pants for Sports

Have you noticed this new fashion that grows to rename “old” expressions… To be in on it, we are invited to say “Facility Manager” instead concierge or “Vision Clearance Engineer” for the window washer… I personally prefer janitor and window washer who are more suggestive;although I admit that the new more added-value make these professions more attractive.

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Chic Christmas Party Outfit

In view of Christmas 2015, fashionistas begin the search for accessories to complete the perfect look of the holidays. The big names of the international fashion system provide creations for everyone, items in the traditional red, but most new gold, silver or glitter to be completely in step with the diktat of the season. Continue reading “Chic Christmas Party Outfit”

6 Golden Globe Accessories

Do not ignore the power of an accessory. Fragile or not, sumptuous or discreet, something not discussion: earrings, rings, bracelets and clutches are responsible for turning in any production. Continue reading “6 Golden Globe Accessories”