Talk to the Baby in the Belly when Pregnancy

The Fetus Captures The Vibrations Of Sounds Of Words Issued By The Maternal Voice,With All The Emotions That Accompany Them.

talk to bebe in barriga A pregnancy is a very special moment in life mom and dad,that month-to-month accompanies the development of the child within the womb,and Ortiz with the first signs that the baby will be demonstrating, among them the kicks and stirred throughout the pregnancy. Continue reading “Talk to the Baby in the Belly when Pregnancy”

Can You Use the Pill While Lactation

Woman can use pill while breastfeeding without risks for the baby?

That’s always been my question, and still was–until I have the opportunity to better understand the subject. When I decided to write this post (and clarify for you all on the pill use in breastfeeding), I thought “Wow, I have a lot of questions about that!”. Never really trusted in pill nursing-and I thought it was really cool to talk about it.

I didn’t take the pill during the 14 months of breastfeeding of Leo. And don’t even get me started to take in those five months of Manu. Even talking to the obstetrician, always got a flea behind the ear. Now, I removed all doubts, and I invite you to do the same. Of course I’m not

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Maternity Leave Technology Companies

Technology Companies, Like Facebook, Microsoft And Adobe, Were The Ones That Stood Out In 2015 With The Changes In Maternity Leave

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla December Chan1: Facebook founder was father forthe first time. The birth of little Max took the Manager to write a letter, where he announced that donated your fortune to charitable causes. Continue reading “Maternity Leave Technology Companies”

Winter Clothing Maternity 2017

The cold spell is noting at all points of Spain and that winter practically has not just begun… So the only thing we can do is resign ourselves, take it with philosophy and think positive: pregnancy is easier with cold with heat, we can enjoy evenings at home with tea and a blanket and there are rebates! !! Continue reading “Winter Clothing Maternity 2017”