Plus Size Fashion Summer

Plus Size Fashion

Who says you need to be skinny to be fashionable? Making an allusion to known song of Roberto Carlos, to say that, Yes, the fatties, today, can enjoy the plus size fashion. With all the glamour and style you deserve. Each time you come back to this thread, the fashion market come betting strong on plus size fashion, which has gained more and more space and thus making the democratic trends, for all sizes of silhouettes. Continue reading “Plus Size Fashion Summer”

Plus Size Winter Fashion

The plus size fashion this winter appears, in addition to sophisticated, light and comfortable, bringing mesh clothing in large cuts that give woman greater freedom of movement. An example of this, are tissues that appear soft and practical in focus, the so-called meshes, blends sharp Rome and plush. The winter color chart comes more discreet, in earth tones, blue and green variations. Continue reading “Plus Size Winter Fashion”

Black Suit Plus Size Jeans with a Japanese Touch

During my visit to Japan, I had large sizes in addition to the classical sightseeing outfits, such as jeans and shorts, a black suit with luggage. I have not saved the me for special occasions, but I brought it for my tour of the city and sights from the case and combined. I was tired at some point in jeans & co. to run around and wanted to simply have a different look. A black suit is large size Yes a pretty ingenious piece of clothing: it is an absolute transformation talent. A smarter business look? With black jacket and pants – no problem. Or a casual outfit for everyday? With a T-Shirt underneath, is a shoe out of it. Or a cool style for the evening? Black goes we know always and as suit, fancy shoes, sequin top, statement jewelry combined, something magical from it. It will then elegant with silky blouse and high heels. So a black suit is just like a white canvas which can unfold fashionable woman. Continue reading “Black Suit Plus Size Jeans with a Japanese Touch”

Sheego Curves Summer

How do you say beautiful? Hamburg, my Pearl. It started last week Thursday, the train was as always too late and completely unorganized, for I had a fun ride with Jenny and Amélie. With about an hour late are we finally checked in in the MotelOne and used our first and program free evening with the dear Dani and tasty food. Continue reading “Sheego Curves Summer”

How To Choose The Right Party Dresses

When a woman is invited to a party, one of the first doubts that often comes to mind is, “What clothes do I go to?” And in the case of parties that demand more sophisticated costumes, dresses are the great darlings of the female audience.

The choice of dress for a party should take into account some important points, among them, the main ones: location, time, climate and type of party. With this information, you already delimit your options and this makes it easier to decide on the model. Continue reading “How To Choose The Right Party Dresses”

Prints And Colors In Sets Plus Size Of Ruth Boutique

Choose the pieces and feel comfortable and fashionable

Who said my readers plus does not have space here on the blog? Has Yes! And today I will show you some models that we set up with looks of Ruth Boutique, of course, borrowed the beauty of Nice Maria Vieira, and below you will check out a little of what lies in store that specializes in plus size fashion in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe (PE). Continue reading “Prints And Colors In Sets Plus Size Of Ruth Boutique”

Plus Size Dirndl For Curvy Wiesn Beauties

Dirndl big sizes are just as beautiful Like a dirndl in size 34. Why we love the costume dress so? Because they simply stand for every woman and always make a great figure with good sitting and flatter the wearer. This also includes Dirndl large sizes 54 to Dirndl large size 58. Just because you are curvy or a little fuller does not mean that you have less choice in the costume fashion. There is a huge product range at Dirndl in over and over from manufacturers such as Alpenfee and Hammerschmid. Continue reading “Plus Size Dirndl For Curvy Wiesn Beauties”

Black and White Contrasts

Strong contrasts in any form – are considered fashion trend at the time the stronger, better and more meaningful. Leather goes with fine silk fabrics, colors and patterns that supposedly do not fit together, find themselves at once attractive (E.g. Color Blocking) and – what 2014 as a fashion trend newly inteprets is – Black meets white, and that a fresh, original style.

Black and white perfect fit as non-colors

Black and white blend not only as business work clothes very well. Black and white contrasts are indispensable from the catwalks and be still elegant in this year. Colored pigment in a black and white outfit is not. So, the elegant, impactful look can impressively to exert its effect. This trend is called also monochrome trend. Continue reading “Black and White Contrasts”

Clothes for Plus Size Girl

Do you find it difficult to find sufficiently long pants, jeans, shirts, jackets, etc? You’re not alone! On this page you will find information about online stores selling women’s clothing in sizes that fit you as long . There are clothes both for those who are tall and slim , and for those who are tall and take a bit bigger sizes!

Tip: Broadcast Tendency sent during winter 2013/14 a program in three parts, containing interviews with long and large women. If you are interested in listening to the interviews , you will find them here. We also found an interesting article written by journalist Åsa Beckman, Dagens Nyheter. She writes, among other things, on how to be treated if, in addition to being long, also has big feet. It is quite natural that  tall girls and women often require larger shoe sizes. You come to this article.

The following list of different stores that sell women’s clothing with extra length is sorted in alphabetical order. Reservation given to possible changes in supply, conditions.

Continue reading “Clothes for Plus Size Girl”