Tips to Sleep Better, Pillow and Comfortable Pajamas

Sleep is one of the habits that more is good for the health. Actually, there are few things that make us feel as well as sleep. According to a study done by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep is one of the secrets of longevity. From the analysis of 2800 people, where about 65 percent of people reported a quality of life much better than before, sleeping 7 and a half hours. Continue reading “Tips to Sleep Better, Pillow and Comfortable Pajamas”

Matching Chair Pads and Tablecloths

Today I report again in “Private” thing. I you would like the products manufactured by ourselves pad of the napkin of Le Jacquard Francais Tablecloth collection imagine. The cushions are suitable sewn to the various series of the current collection in our own house Schneideratelier. The desire for harmonious colors and repetitive patterns was the basic idea. At the suitable decorations for our showcase the idea was born. We then realized quite quickly into action and themselves were very pleasantly surprised. The decision was made ​​to offer the cushion as an integral part of our offer to you. Because we always want to offer “that certain something” more to satisfy even the highest demands. Convince yourself of the unique quality of the exquisite damask fabrics, with both right and left-woven patterns which are so characteristic of the jacquard fabric.

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How to Choose the Right Size Pillow

The Right Pillow Size

Most pillows are available in square and rectangular shape. Exceptions such as the abdomen sleeper pillow Ombracio of Tempur in butterfly shape proves the rule. The square pillow is the most common format. The standard size is 80 x 80 cm. However, Some of the models are additionally available in the sizes 60 x 60 cm, 70 x 70 cm or in XXL format 90 x 90 cm.Rectangular cushion, however, are 40 x 80 cm in size. However, the cushion covers are often tailored to the square standard format.

The height of the pillow is almost more important than its width and length. You decide whether the head and neck rest in the anatomically perfect location. The right pillow height depends both on the physical features of each people from as well as the personal sleep habits.If you fold your pillow habitually or cope knock in the middle, you should take this into account when choosing.

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Warm Sleeping Bag Guides


The extreme range in any case, hopefully not, because it indicates the temperature at which a survival in a sleeping bag with hypothermia is still possible. The comfort range indicates up to what outside temperature a “standard woman” (Editor’s note:.. It really is so, sorry!) With 25 years, 1.60 m height and 60kg in moderate, long baselayer anytime feels.

The limit range is valid for “standard man” with 25 years, 1.73 m height and 70 kg. For this purpose there is once again a norm that unfortunately a disregarded: individuality and physical and mental state. For some people (therefore cool faster) sweat more, others move more (thus warming rather). So unfortunately, the temperature range is a subjective criterion, which can be a guide at best.

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Types of Pillow Materials

Pillows Made of Natural Fibers For Allergy Sufferers

Experts advise to cushion fillings from sheep wool, camel hair, horsehair or lyocell, unless the sleeper sweats profusely. This is consistent to natural fibers, which are derived the optimal moisture and heat. Pillows made of natural fibers feel a little harder than, say, down’ll still have sufficient resilience and adapt to your head. Natural fiber pillows are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

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Better Pillows For Pain in the Neck

Neck pain can be a real pain, and in fact it is so that around three-quarters of all Germans suffer under them. The majority of acute and occasionally, after all, 40 percent more often-and quite a few German even permanently and chronically.

Therefore it is not unimportant that the reasons for coming to the track, off the causes. Let’s look at today whether the correct pillowpossibly can effectively and efficiently combat neck pain. Because in bed not only the mattress and the bed base for a good nights sleep are responsible.

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Best Pillowcases for Neck Support

We offer only the best products that you will last a lifetime.Satin neck support pillows are made from 100% cotton, are Feinfädig, smooth and extremely dense woven. The cotton is mercerized, ie specially refined and will get a long-lasting shine. A cervical pillow feels particularly soft and supple, and also have a pleasantly soft hand.

The material for neck support pillow is often changed several times a year. On cold days of the year, cuddly beaver are usually chosen cervical pillow. The fabric is made from 100% cotton and retains heat very well.Beaver is very known especially as a reference for your neck support pillow. In winter it is almost in each bedroom for

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