Day 2 of Week of Baby Shoes that Make Me Smile

Second day of our week of showing that shoe, when well chosen, yields a lifetime of beautiful looks. So, yesterday, when I was getting ready to go out for lunch with the husband who was off because I worked all weekend, the Slipper was already there, separadinho, ready to get paint on the streets of SanFran. We were going out to lunch in the neighborhood , i.e. the foot. And I didn’t even think twice. One thing I can say with all my heart is that this couple is comfortable.Was a prerequisite for the wedding shoe choice simply because I wanted to use it from the beginning to the end of the party. Continue reading “Day 2 of Week of Baby Shoes that Make Me Smile”

How to Treat Cultured Pearls

The beads are of spheres formed by carbonate of calcium in crystalline form, the aragonite , produced by marine living organisms . Ever since ancient times , they have been used as decorations and ornaments for accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. Over the years, however, a pearl loses its shine and becomes dull, is likely to be stained or even damaged. If you have received a gift of a bracelet, a necklace, a pair of earrings or a pearl ring and you do not know now how to cure them, by reading this guide you will get all the necessary tips on how to treat cultured pearls in a few simple steps. Continue reading “How to Treat Cultured Pearls”

5 New Ideas for the Weekend

My 5 ideas for weekend of holiday are:

Come out to photograph:Beautiful places, people on the street, the sky, the sea, your family and friends … and with analog cameras or Instant everything is even cooler! But if you are unprepared, the phone gets things done too! Just apply filters that create a retro effect: aftelight, snapseed and vsco cam are my favorite apps! Continue reading “5 New Ideas for the Weekend”