Should Ladies Wear Panties?

Panties or no panties? That is the question that Shakespeare should have asked because he could have avoided years and years of debates and articles in women’s magazines, on this exciting topic: is it better to cover our femininity in improbable pieces of fabric called “underwear” , or should we do without it completely?

There are many misconceptions about the fact of not wearing panties. Some think it is bad for your health.

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Intimate Problems that Every Woman Can Understand

When the label says “hand wash only”, your face says, “Although no”

  1. When culotte curls: a tragedy! The winning idea of the culotte is to contain forms but generally does nothing but cover your thighs instead of side B. So when the culotte curls the part on the thighs is covered discovering part of the seat like any other pant. What is the meaning of all this?
  2. When you tap completely change outfits for the simple fact that the underwear is still suitable to wash. You can definitely wear that skirt, if you were in the middle of a faint breeze, the fabric of the skirt would adhere to put yourself in the ass place ranking VPL(Ed V isible P anty L ine: when the pant is clearly seen from under the clothes, usually in skirts / white-colored trousers). Continue reading “Intimate Problems that Every Woman Can Understand”