Do It Yourself: Decoration Tips!

This weekend was well fulfilled for those amended with the Thursday holiday, isn’t it? I did a lot of things and I’m here to show you the art I set kkkk. Thursday I was in Paraguay (2 and a half hours here in Campo Grande), bought there some frames to assemble a panel of paintings in the guest room here at home. The wall was very dull and I needed a start to create something with my face, cheerful and fun! And also, it’s more of a corner of the House to make pictures for the blog, YouTube and instagram. We always need to do this, there are scenarios so much!!! Continue reading “Do It Yourself: Decoration Tips!”

Decorate Small Bedroom Couple

The bedroom of a couple is a romantic setting that requires refinement and sophistication to decorate it. It’s a place of intimacy which the couple should feel good and have a greater freedom of expression. To decorate it, people need to get some references according to the personal taste of each and then unite them in order to make a receptive space for both. So the ideal is to get something more neutral for both.

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How to Maintain and Increase the Value of Your Property

Even if you are not willing to sell your property right now, constant maintenance and some retirement care should be taken to keep or even increase your value. I’ve consulted a real estate appraiser to explain to us what’s important for you to protect and get the most return on your investment. Continue reading “How to Maintain and Increase the Value of Your Property”

Increasing the Value of Your Tables

Frames are not only strong elements in a decoration. They are art and an art that speaks of you, your essence, your taste…They decorate and “talk” a lot. In my opinion, it should be a choice of your personal taste. Do not buy a painting to “match the decor”. Buy it because you loved it and it will match everything! Continue reading “Increasing the Value of Your Tables”