Crackle Enamel-How to Pass

How you must pass the cracked glaze

Do you love wearing nail polish and like to innovate every week? Get to know a different way to make your nails with the craquelado enamel, which is an enamel model in trend in the fashion world. Know that it is possible to make the nails craqueladas following some step by step that you find in the web. Continue reading “Crackle Enamel-How to Pass”

How to Clean Silver Brooch

The silver is a solid metal so much as it is beautiful and brilliant. A symbol of elegance, silver, is used to create useful and decorative objects for homes and to create precious jewels. For this reason, throughout this guide, I will teach you how to clean a silver brooch. This way you can maintain the brilliance and the beauty thereof.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

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New Trends for Nail Polish

Six new colors to celebrate the end of summer with nostalgia and accept with pleasure a cooler climate that brings us many new beauty trend. Enamel this time he thought winning a collection dedicated to women with Essie.

This autumn, nothing is left to chance. Dare and strengthen the power with color, that’s what women do concrete and substance. Essie dedicates new collection of nail polishes this woman enterprising and independent, who learned to manage expenses from the mistakes of the past and that now manages to dress fashionable without spending astronomical amounts. A stylish woman, keeping up with the times that work, family care but also itself. Continue reading “New Trends for Nail Polish”

How to Do a Perfect French Manicure at Home

The French manicure is the look for more classic nails of all time: discover how to achieve it easily at home and what are the new trends inspired by this nail art.

The French manicure is the first trend nail to have worldwide success and to be universally recognized. Born thanks to Jeff Pink who worked for the brand of enamels Orly .

The French manicure is born of the need for directors in Hollywood around 1975 : served a manicure particularly versatile and he went to complete and enrich the look of actresses.

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Nail Cosmetics Online Shop

High-quality nail cosmetics make your nails a real eye-catcher. Have you ever heard of the expression “the hand as a reflection of the soul”? There is some truth, because on the fingernails, the health or state of mind of a person can be quite well read. Stressed nails, which have grooves, are brittle, too soft, or not discolored, therefore special nail accessories, as well as matching nail cosmetics is essential to bring them back into shape. With nail accessories such as a cuticle remover pen or specific coatings that cure nails and provide them with vitamins, not only to maintain your nails, but can also prevent further damage and inflammation to the skin of the nail or the nail bed.

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Steps to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

Buy nail polish for beautiful hands here. With nail polish you put your nails in the spotlight! Trends are set not only in terms of fashion and makeup, so is nail polishes. Whether understated, of course, striking, sparkling or matt-here you find a large selection of nail polish colors in up-to-date colors and for every taste. Nail polish is suitable not only for beautiful nails. Applied to the toenails, you look just wonderful especially during summer.

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