Real Snakeskin Nail Art

If you think that to be chic are only the bags or shoes made ​​from the skin of the snake, you are mistaken!

America, eternal vagaries of fashion source, he also invented the nail art with real skin of snake.

To have the great and brilliant idea was the owner of a beauty salon (Candy Nail Lounge), Ms. Terri Silacci Monterey, California. Continue reading “Real Snakeskin Nail Art”

How to Make a Vintage Nail Art


Nail perfectly lacquered, maintained and in some detail, is a business card for every woman, adult or teenager. The vintage style never goes out of style. To realize a nail art of this type, you will not spend big amounts or weaken your nails! Then choose your favorite polishes. Place them on a paper plate and use a small tool for punctuation (an acrylic brush, a toothpick or a ballpoint pen ). Opt for bright pink, the dark red and light green. In the following steps, here’s how a vintage nail art.


Make sure you have on hand:

bright pink enamel, dark red and light green

a brush

A top coat

A white enamel Continue reading “How to Make a Vintage Nail Art”

Nail Art Spring

It ‘important to have beautiful and manicured hands and with the arrival of summer we can indulge ourselves with manicures.

We can leave it alone for a while’ the usual red or nude enamels and we can take the opportunity to impress and express our creativity through nail art!
looking for new inspiration to change appearance to your nails?
we have chosen three nail art colorful and easy to make!

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