Why Buy Mobile Phones in the First Half of the Year?

There are generally two kinds of people when it comes to new mobile purchase.

The “Early-Adopters”

The first kind of people always have to have the latest gadget, regardless of the price of entry. It seems a very expensive way to keep up with the latest technology. When you dig deeper you will find that there is an initial cost of buying more high, because a new smartphone can easily leave you more than 2,000 R$ more poor.

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Nokia N97 or Motorola Milestone (Droid)?

I had a Nokia N97 for 2 months and now complete 2 months that I’m with the Motorola Milestone (A853), the famous Droid! I waited 2 months of use these pass to can write an article comparing it to be fair, having the same speaking time on each of the devices.

The comparative Nokia N97 x Motorola Milestone is separated according to the points that I thought relevant. To make the reading more pleasant avoid going into technical details, focusing more on the results obtained.

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