Get the Look: Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Impossible after more than one year does not make a post talking about the looks of the Kendall and Kylie Jenner, isn’t it? Because let’s say so they changed and for the better! Those who follow the saga of the Kardashians family knows that they love a scandal and we love knowing about them, too, haha …

But let’s cut to the Chase … If you ever wanted to steal the looks of Kendall or Kylie, now is the time!

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Desigual Spring Summer Collection 2016

We know that to Desigual like daring with colors and ethnic patterns juxtaposed in a manner contrary, today we discover the new collection spring summer 2016: jerseys, handbags and clothes.

Desigual is known to be a brand the banner of colors and patterns. The Spanish brand was founded in 1984 and continues to be distinguished and established itself in the fashion world thanks to the mix of flowers, graffiti, strong colors and patchwork. Today we see the new Desigual Spring Summer 2016, straight from the catwalk.

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Plus Size Summer Dresses

On our weather in Germany but reliable: After each heat wave is fast gray and dreary again;. On your beautiful plus size summer dresses you have on those days anyway not do without. So you stylst it for rainy days:

Plus Size Summer Dresses for Fresh Days

In bounce light beach dress through the puddles in downtown or stroll through cool wind in airy chiffon dress – which of course does not fit and can be uncomfortable. Lightweight jersey dresses as you can but well carry on also not too summery days. Whether with short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, calf length or mini dress. Above all, maxi dresses are ideal because they cover your legs and you warm slightly. This beautiful model with waterlilies print even with long sleeves, so it is ideal for fresher summer days.

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Best Tactical Flashlight Review 2016

Hi all! Today a review of a product that has more and more its place in an EDC (Every Day Cary) I named: tactical light.

A real EDC is the bare minimum that you can take with you anywhere, and that willalways serve in situations of distress or survival, is eliminated from immediately thegadget and accessories too fragile. As you have seen in other articles, mini EDC or: the lure nite ize pock

An EDC is generally composed to supply water and food, the paracord or twine, a multi Tools, a knife, a health kit, to fire in any weather, a survival blanket, and what light, brief I dwell not on the subject, we’re taking useful things, and not a Toolbox of8 kilo;). Imagine yourself in nature, your BoB on the back, because in your town disease have decimated the population, and thieves break all the houses… You move the nature… In the forest, it’s already 10: 00 the night turns black and it starts to rain, the cold of January is already the… Suddenly, you see a huge apparently empty House, without light or smoke, his could be a great shelter for the night! You hang yourbag to a tree and you advance slowly toward the House, what is the object you take… a knife? A rifle or a gun? And why not a lamp?

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3D Touch on Android

One of the great absent of this Mobile World Congress 2016 was definitely 3D Touch. Initially introduced by Apple on his Apple Watch, then carried on Smartphones with iPhone 4S and 6s Plus, technology can harness the user’s finger pressure on the display, as additional input method, seemed destined for a quick rollout even in Android, but it didn’t happen.

With some exceptions due to a fervent initial enthusiasm, as the Huawei Touch Mate variant Press S or ZTE Axon Mini, none of the major smartphone manufacturers decided to implement this technology on new top of the line 2016, presenting a particular situation; for the first time, one of the novelties introduced by Apple, is actually snubbed by big names of competition. But what will be the real reason behind this choice? Continue reading “3D Touch on Android”

What We Know About CCTV Cameras

We live in days when security and peace is a priority for the free citizen, located in every corner of the world. Much Unfortunately, vandals, thieves, robbers and murderers dramatically increased. This, in itself, determines the need for CCTV cameras. They not only inspire that protection from which everyone needs, but also store multiple information that would be useful at a time.

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White Summer Mini Dress

Among the fashion trends of the summer 2016 does not go unnoticed the charm of white minidress, reinterpreted in a variety of styles that make it a versatile wardrobe Chief, intended to accompany us throughout the day.

Is one of the most quintessential summer colors, one of which our wardrobe can’t possibly do without, as well as the white minidress, one of the cult. The short white dress in the summer you can wear almost any circumstance, not surprisingly, among the most beautiful seasonal fashion collections are the little white dress comes in a variety of shapes, patterns and fabrics that make it the ideal garment for the entire summer. Sporty profiles some of the most beautiful of Zadar to heads, as some white dresses from Red Valentino and Giambattista Valli, we discover together the most beautiful seasonal white minidress. Continue reading “White Summer Mini Dress”

How to Wear a Mens White Shirt: 5 Options

You can see a station, go, get another and not use … the white shirt does not lose its power, no doubt, is a piece that does not age, can circulate between all styles and productions.

The white shirt is a true wild card of our wardrobe, allowing different looks different. Therefore, a tip is to invest in a white shirt of good quality, no matter if you pay a little more for it because it’s classic, which is, you will never go out of fashion. Therefore, we decided to show here some of its versatility, with 5 options looks with white shirt, a more casual to more formal, white shirt goes with everything and can be used in combinations composing amazing productions by

Then the white shirt can be used in various ways, fully enclosed inside out, with sleeves rolled up, open inside, outside, completely open with below Tanks of halter top and also outside topped with a knot at last It will depend on your creativity.

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