5 Fishing Destinations in Mexico

The Mexican coasts are the scene of some of the best beaches in the world and they have also become the favourite destinations for sport fishing enthusiasts, who found the opportunity to exploit this sport in the category called “Higher species” or “Big Game”, considered the competition in these seascapes “Queen” of fishing on the high seas.

Below we show you the most popular Mexican ports where you will be able to test your skills as a fisherman. If you need fishing gear, you can try this site.

  • Huatulco

Whether it is fishing for marlin, Huatulco is the right place. With its beautiful bays, spectacular specimens of blue, black and striped marlin can be found.

For this exciting experience you can rent a boat or yacht in the marina in Huatulco, which have crews expert fishing for marlin. Other species that abound in the Oaxacan coast are the fish, the tuna and Red Snapper.

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