Men’s Must Have Dress Shirts

There are four shirts that every man should have. First without which no classic clean white shirt. Although the standard can be used for all occasions. Your wardrobe should be varied and balanced to be prepared with all kinds of shirts not only this.

Besides white stripped shirt for evening outings must have and black. It is great for night entertainment. It looks elegant men with – dark hair and – light skin and also combines with almost all standard colors pants. Slim (slim fit) black shirt stand very chic and if you are in good physical shape. The other compulsory shirt is light blue, it also combines a wide range neckties and jackets, especially suitable for the office. Fourth binding type shirt white shirt with French cuffs, it is inevitable at official events.

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How to Wear White Shirt Man

Schildow (dpa/tmn) – Below Drunter without? When asked whether men under the white shirt still need to wear something that is the quality of the shirt in focus. The skin should not shine through by the substance.

“It is very fine and can see the skin, or any hair under it, as an undershirt or shirt is a fancier solution”, explains the expert style Inka Müller-Winkelmann from Schildow (Brandenburg). Here, the under shirt can be seen a bit.

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Louis Vuitton Men’s Fashion

Louis Vuitton offers us its menswear for next autumn-winter 2010/11: the French fashion house has, in fact, presented on the occasion of walkways dedicated to men’s fashion, a series of garments and accessories that today we want to present you, for not arriving unprepared when it’s time to buy the fashion for the wardrobe of the cold season to come. The new collection of men’s fashion brand Louis Vuitton was created by Paul Helbers, which under the direction of Marc Jacobs, Creative Director of the French fashion house, takes care of the men’s line. A very interesting line. Continue reading “Louis Vuitton Men’s Fashion”

How to Wear Sweatshirts

The sweatshirts came to be a penalty that is already coming in the summer, because it is emerging more beautiful than the other. But if you live in a cold region, or will travel to any other country in which now it is winter, you can’t help but buy a sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt is super practical and pretty, and it’s not only for men or for women, can be worn by both sexes. It looks casual and stripped. Men who like to be in fashion can bet in this play.

It is more suitable for young people who like more sporty looks. They are more adjusted to the body than other sweatshirts, but are very comfortable and versatile.

Although it can also be used by women, it is a masculine play. However, if they want to leave the piece very feminine, they can combine with high heels, corselet and miniskirt.

Those girls who are afraid to wear that fair and vulgar skirt, can combine with a sweatshirt that it will break that very sexy look.

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