Should I Wear Tights or Jeans

Because of the climate a bit ‘crazy in recent days, where temperatures range from 07.08 degrees in a few hours, the sun is not seen rarely and the rain falls every day, my biggest dilemma became: how I I dress? The problem in fact is that there is hot, but not enough to be able to dress in the summer so, nor is there, though, so you can keep the cold winter look. By day I have tried to work around the problem, preferring jeans, a suitable end to a thousand occasions and that this season is perfect because it adapts to changes in temperature. For the evening, instead, not wanting to repeat the jeans, I had to commit more discarding the idea of ​​shooting with bare legs (still milky white fearfully) and the idea of ​​using the tights (they too now winter).

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9 (Summer) Outfits Where the Less More Works to Perfection

Today we have dawned with a dose extra buenrollismo: the Sun is becoming increasingly more present and temperatures rise as the weeks pass. The summer It is about to arrive and we want to be prepared to do so. Do you have in mind what are you going to get? Start to think about it, because soon you will have to take hands to work. These 9 outfits going to inspire as if by magic thanks to its simplicity. Continue reading “9 (Summer) Outfits Where the Less More Works to Perfection”