Choose the Right Sleeping Bag

Down Or Synthetic?

That a less down-filled sleeping bag weighs and takes up less space than a synthetic sleeping bag (with the same comfort temperature), is basically correct. The development of the synthetic materials is steadily advanced however in recent years, and slow but sure the artificial materials weigh less and less. So far, down produce but still the most heat with low weight and volume.

Down is also almost always the more expensive option, but for a down sleeping bag keeps longer if it is well maintained. When a synthetic sleeping bag the warmth subsides namely after a few years of use, because the filling is gradually compressed and worn out. Should you intend to use your sleeping bag, often in moist conditions, then a model with synthetic filling is preferable. This warms that even if it should become a little wet, which is not the case with a down-filled (if you do not dry the sleeping bag between uses).

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Fenix TK41C LED Flashlight

The Fenix ​​TK41 is based on the Fenix ​​TK45, but there is a big difference: While the Fenix ​​TK45 is a real Flooder is and on wide-area illumination was designed, which is Fenix ​​TK41 a pure Thrower, of the manufacturer over 400 meters range offers.

First of all I want to say at this point already that the Fenix ​​TK41 mastered this task brilliantly, but more on that later.

One last thing before we begin the same: Since not every flashlight holster included (the Fenix ​​TK41 is an example) or assets the included holster to convince high or optically not always, I will of course do this in the future with my reviews whether the tested torch for universal flashlight Holster of MAXpedition is compatible.

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3D Printing Lighting Design

That design lamp now comes from the 3D printer, is not surprising. The times at which the 3D printing was acted alone as a method for the construction of models and prototypes, are long gone. Food, institutions, cars and houses can come out of such a printer, considered in its three dimensions, used and even eaten today. What we have sometimes heard about as a headline in the news or gimmick of science, has long since penetrated in truth in our daily lives. The example of the design lamp Light Forest Danish manufacturer And tradition, we present the 3D printing as an innovative manufacturing technology before.

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Vulnerable Million Android Devices

“Stagefright library bugs will certainly be remembered as the most dangerous ever identified. To date, the threat would seem to have been eradicated with the release of patch by all manufacturers of smartphones. If Google, for its part, has created a new system of monthly releases to ensure greater safety in the whole ecosystem Android, a new cry of alarm would be raised by the team of researchers Israelis of NorthBit, through a new library exploits potentially dangerous to millions of devices.

The new exploit called “Metaphor” and through a video shot by the same researchers, runs successfully on a Nexus 5 and later also tested on LG G3, HTC and Samsung Galaxy S5 all labelled as being at risk. Continue reading “Vulnerable Million Android Devices”

Choosing Quality Wall Clocks

Nothing is more enjoyable than deciding on the best original accessories that will compliment your personality and be within your budget. When deciding on the chime clock, make sure you choose a high quality and that is affordable; one that will bring beautiful touch to your home decoration.

Do not compromise the quality of the clock; buy from reputable manufacturers worldwide. Whether intended to buy the wall clock in stores or online, you should be well informed on how you can choose the best wall clock chime at a reasonable cost.

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Morena Rosa Moda Feminina 2016

The Morena Rosa is one of the manufacturers of more tuned in national clothing market trends. With its own parade and collection that serves as the basis for smaller brands, their collections are among the most anticipated in the São Paulo Fashion Week and the week of Rio. The Morena Rosa 2016 collection is already in stores and you can see out there much similar thing and inspired, but it is worth always accompany the original, right?

Expectations of Morena Rosa for fashion 2015 summer is very urban and stripped style. Models are valuing comfort, a little color and chartists prints of various styles street wear. One example is the collection launched, with more than five models cotton shirt with chartists prints in black and white, another major focus of the brand and fashionistas.

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Best Sleeping Bags for Mountaineering

In the past mountaineers ignored how many grams feather stuffing in sleeping bag has to assess how warm it will be.

They were aware that bags of less than 500g feather fillings are summer and winter looking for bags of 900g or more filling. Then taking into account the strength of the filling. For example, a bag of 500g stuffed with fluff-700 (footnote. BC. – “A 500g 700-fill bag”), provides “warm 500-gram bag.” But those were the days when users of sleeping bags are well informed and know exactly what they want. Continue reading “Best Sleeping Bags for Mountaineering”

Avoid Counterfeit Sunglasses

I know, I know, at the time of glorious sunshine, the temptation to buy counterfeit sunglasses is very strong, especially when you see the price that some pairs can cost. This is when I walk on the beach I saw the incredible number of fake Ray Ban outstanding. So I would like to make some simple reminders on counterfeit glasses to the health of your eyes and your style:

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How to Wear Hawaiian Shirts

Get yourself a holiday in the everyday-a dream scenario, but with Hawaiian shirts come the dream at least mode technically a little closer! Men’s shirts in fun colors and great floral prints are not only on holiday, but also to the absolute trend-summer fashion 2016 which can be integrated into a fresh super leisure outfit. When we hear the word “Hawaiian Shirt”, we usually think directly to the typical Hawaiian shirt, in particular known from the cult series “Magnum” with Tom Selleck, but other great personalities like Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby wore it to popularize.

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History of Junghans Watch

A quality watch is so much more than a timepiece.

A quality wristwatch can change any look, enhance it and timeless elegance put a real statement.

After I myself am recently a proud owner of such a premium watch , I want to introduce today the manufacturer of my new favorite accessories a closer.

Now discovered the vast world of the German traditional brand Junghans and let you by the unique merger of quality, precision and enchanted completed contemporary design!

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