Real Snakeskin Nail Art

If you think that to be chic are only the bags or shoes made ​​from the skin of the snake, you are mistaken!

America, eternal vagaries of fashion source, he also invented the nail art with real skin of snake.

To have the great and brilliant idea was the owner of a beauty salon (Candy Nail Lounge), Ms. Terri Silacci Monterey, California. Continue reading “Real Snakeskin Nail Art”

How to Do a Perfect French Manicure at Home

The French manicure is the look for more classic nails of all time: discover how to achieve it easily at home and what are the new trends inspired by this nail art.

The French manicure is the first trend nail to have worldwide success and to be universally recognized. Born thanks to Jeff Pink who worked for the brand of enamels Orly .

The French manicure is born of the need for directors in Hollywood around 1975 : served a manicure particularly versatile and he went to complete and enrich the look of actresses.

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