Light Brown Lipstick Trend in Makeup

The lipstick nude has been one of the most used by women when the intention is a discreet makeup, simple and natural. Now, the stakes are brownish tints, tones but clear, nothing strong and rude. The tone often resembles the lips appeared in some international shows and is already winning fans. Continue reading “Light Brown Lipstick Trend in Makeup”

Velvet Lipstick – Price, Photos, How to Use

Photos and Modes of Velvet Lipstick

The velvet lipstick is in the latest trends of fashion, and anyone who has had the pleasure of checking this news knows how interesting this lipstick is, and the texture of it is very different, which is why it got its name.And those who are passionate about lipstick are sure to love this novelty, so be sure to check out more information. Continue reading “Velvet Lipstick – Price, Photos, How to Use”

Makeup Valentine’s Day: 10 Products to be Perfect

The perfect look for your Valentine’s Day in 10 Suggested exclusive products from UnaDonna.

Are you planning a romantic evening for Valentine’s Day? Here for you a selection of 10 products, which are essential to be absolutely … perfect! The makeup, the wigs, the face and body products: These 10 suggestions will help you as a reminder so you do not forget any details!

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Lip Makeup Tools

The lip makeup is a real all-rounder, because it is long lasting, but at the same time nourishes the delicate skin. A special gloss or balm gives special shine to the long-lasting lip color, and can be applied again as needed. With a lip plumper, lip looks more voluminous. Makeup for your strong lips everyday is too intense, you can also use a slightly tinted lip balm. With a hint of shimmer or color you look great and treat your lips extra care.

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How to Choose Lipstick Color for Your Skin Tone

Nice lip color for sensual, full lips. Whether as a day makeup or for the evening: a rich hue on the lips is a highlight in the face. Lipstick not only gives a radiant complexion, but also nourishes the lips. Neat lips are a prerequisite for a beautiful and long-lasting lip makeup. With dry lips, chapped lipstick does not adhere well enough and starts to solve already after a short time. Your lips are completely maintained and you emphasize it with one of many attractive lip colors. Dark or bright, glossy or matte-the variety of lipstick colors are hardly limited. Whether the lipstick suits you, also depends on the type of skin. The choice of the appropriate color depends on your skin tone. For lighter complexion a lip makeup in nude tones is recommended, with darker complexion a stronger color can be selected.

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Lip Makeup Sets

Buy lip makeup sets for a glamorous appearance

A lipstick set is not only an ideal gift for birthday or for Christmas, but also wonderfully suited to make a little joy yourself. With a lip makeup set you have various products to fit together and always at hand. Lipstick sets are available in different variants and for different occasions. When set for the handbag with lipstick, rouge and powder, lip care set with nursing pins in different flavors or full kits with everything you need for a perfect make-up. Lipstick sets meet different requirements and belong to any bathroom.

Whether matched lip gloss and nail polish kits for fast and easy makeup on the go or lip balm lip gloss sets in different colors-in online shop a range of lip makeup kits are offered here from different manufacturers.

Lip Makeup Set

Mini Beauty Products

The thumb nails or the products travel sizes are a few of my loves, is to include in the toiletry bag from day to day or for travel so that everything is more compact. Also applies to test a new product and then decide to purchase the larger version. Continue reading “Mini Beauty Products”

Ricardo Dos Anjos Account that You Will Use

Richard Deacon is one of the most respected beauty artists from Brazil. Owner of a visual characteristic and plenty of fiber, he is expert in coordinating a great team in the backstage of fashion weeks and it may not seem like it, but this is not a simple task. And the best proof of the competence of Ricardo is that this was the ninth time he is the name behind the beauties that paraded in Minas Trend. Continue reading “Ricardo Dos Anjos Account that You Will Use”