3 Different Materials for Watch Bracelets

How to create bracelets for watches made of leather, metal and rubber

Whether leather or metal, rubber or textile, innovative or traditional–watch bracelets are more than a mere fixtures. They embody individuality, lifestyle and underline the style of a watch. Continue reading “3 Different Materials for Watch Bracelets”

Movie Watch: Hamilton Khaki x-Wind in “Independence Day 2

Film mature performance. The Hamilton brand has around 450 film appearances in Hollywood films-since 1951, and according to its own figures. So Robert Downey Jr. wore a Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium in “The Avengers”, Will Smith wore several times a Ventura in “Men in Black” and also Jessica Alba (“fantastic four”), John Travolta (“the General’s daughter”) “, Samuel L. Jackson (“SWAT”) and Bruce Willis

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